Sung to the tune of: For What's It's Worth by Buffalo Springfield   Click here

Ode to COVID 1984

There's somethin happenin here
What is it
should be very clear

There's a scam
with a germ used to scare
A-Telling us
We got to beware

I think it's time
we stop being children
Grow up now
Everybody see
what's going down

There's distance lines
being drawn
Losing our rights
Just to get along

Woke people exposing lies
Gettin so much resistance from thee LIARS

It's time we stop
Hey, who's that clown?
Governor says we're in lock down

What a field day for the Press 
They're at their fear mongering best
Telling lies
that millions will die
Then they say, you stay home inside

Hey you can shop
but no jobs can be found
everybody's stressed and feeling down

Paranoia strikes deep,
Into your mind it will creep
It starts when you're always afraid
Step on the line
The man comes and takes you away

If you're a cop
Hey, you're not bound
to enforce the orders coming down

Stop Fauci
Shout it loud
Take off your mask, don't be a coward

Stop obeying
Don't back down
When the vaccine starts comin round

Stop. Listen.
What's that sound?
New World Order
Crashing down!