WHO ARE THE CULT MEMBERS??                     (GLOBAL NETWORK OF A.I. CONTROLLED,DARK OCCULTIST PSYCHOPATHS)        By their actions you shall know them! 

(those who go along with the system and DO NOT do the right or moral thing for society)

A list of very likely suspects:

- Bill and Melinda Gates

- George Soros

- Dr. Fauci

- Dr. Birx

- Donald Trump

​- Boris Johnson

- Mike Pence

- YouTube CEO Susan Wojkicki

- Benjamin Netanyahu

- Lester Holt

- Tom Hanks

- Bill and Hillary Clinton

- Barrack and Michael Obama

- The Bush Family

- The Kennedy Family

- The Rockefeller Family

- The Rothschild Family

- Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family

- Pope Francis

- Jeff Bezos

- Elon Musk

- Mark Zuckerburg

- Bono (U2)

- Nancy Pelosi

- Most in not ALL US congress members

- Lori Lightfoot- Chicago Mayor

-  Rahm Emmanuel

- Dr Robert Levin. Health Director Ventura County CA

​- Michael Ryan. WHO official

- Dick Cheney

- Donald Rumsfeld

- Henry Kissenger

- Conaleeza Rice

- Most if not ALL governors who have issued Stay At Home orders.

- Neil Ferguson- EX-Imperial College professor