For those who are deep thinkers....

* Why are professional sports leagues, the music/live entertainment industry, the airline industry, the hotel industry, restaurant chains, and other major corporations that are losing billions of dollars in profit, not demanding the lock downs be lifted? Notice that all major corporations, especially major retailers, are falling in line and cooperating with the psy op and social conditioning. There is little to no resistance. (Possible hint: They are all controlled/owned by the cult and are working in unison with this planned agenda for totalatarianism). 

* The global elitists (DELETISTS) aka Illuminati/Cult have been planning a new world order for many, many years (theorhetically before the "invention of Artificial Intelligence"). Are cult families like the Rockefellers, Bushes, and Rothschilds whose plans were to rule the world also being overthrown by A.I? In other words, have they been all along, and/or are they currently working in conjunction with AI or did AI win the battle for world domination over these psycopaths?

* Why do people trust authority when history proves that authority should NEVER BE TRUSTED?

* If COVID 19(84) is soooo dangerous and contagious, why aren't the all important politicians and government officials practicing what they preach regarding social distancing and wearing masks?

* MOI's take on the the basic factor of how this dark agenda is being executed. The elitist "people" and their minnions, who are committing these atrocities against humanity, and all life on this planet, are either: 1) Trauma based mind controlled             (MK ULTRA etc.)  2) Mind controlled via being possessed by dark entities from other dimensions 3) Artificial Intelligence mind controlled.  In addition, almost all humans are mind controlled to lesser degrees.