Question: Who is more culpable...

the man who gave the order to kill innocent, unarmed people or the man who followed it?

Correct answer: The man who followed the order.

Reconsider your support of the military... THE BREEDING GROUNDS FOR HATRED!

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5-8-20 Another Sheriff who is doing the right thing and NOT enforcing bogus orders from government officials.  Click here

The fate of humanity and this planet ultimately hinges on those who carry weapons.

During this current crisis, police and military personnel will determine the fate of humanity. If a majority of officers and soldiers are fooled, duped, by this Psy Op of a manufactured pandemic, and they choose to enforce the extreme and nonsensical orders of politicians and government officials, then they will be the ones who are responsible for the demise of civilization. Blindly following orders, using violence or the threat of violence, and incarcerating innocent people is evil.

With this in mind, you can help the cause by calling and/or emailing as many Sheriffs and Police Chiefs as possible. Here is a generic letter that can be used to email or as talking points if you call.

Dear Sheriff, 

Taking a common sense approach to quarantine those who are most at risk is a viable option regarding the "pandemic".         All other "Stay at Home orders" must be rescinded and NOT extended! The severity of the alleged "pandemic" does not justify the extreme measures being taken to lock down the entire population. You and your officers have a duty to NOT blindly follow orders given by politicians or "government officials". It is imperative that you not be duped by an "official narrative" and that you act in a MORAL fashion.

It is well documented that the World Health Organization is promoting false information, as is the CDC. Both organizations have a track record that proves they cannot be trusted. Do you know that BILL GATES is the second biggest donor to WHO?

It is my understanding that it is within a Sheriff's power to arrest a Governor. If so, an investigation should take place immediately and all Governors should be removed from office if he/she has broken the state constitution or if it can be proven that they are in collusion with other government officials.

I urge you to contact your fellow Sheriffs in your state and around the country to stop this attempted take over of our government under the auspices of a manufactured and orchestrated "pandemic" hoax. 

You will not find truth from the health agencies, government officials, or the fear mongering media propaganda machine. If you turn to alternative methods to look for more factual information, there is ample and undeniable evidence, on every front, to prove that what we are being told by the WHO, CDC, federal government, and the mass media are LIES. One website you may want to visit is

Finally, I hope that you are aware that without a doubt, there is a hidden agenda. It is imperative for all police and military personnel to use critical thinking, logic, common sense, and intuition to analyze and accurately assess the criminal activity that is occurring on a local, state, federal, and global scale. These psychopaths must be removed from society.

If law enforcement officers are fooled and make the mistake to enforce these absurd orders which are severely and rapidly stripping us all of our basic freedoms and independence (and intentionally destroying our economy), the world as we have known it will cease to exist. A tyrannical, fascist global condition will ensue. That Sheriff, is what is at stake. We're counting on you to see through the illusion and arrest the people who are responsible for this Psy Op and crime against humanity.




Why police, military and alphabet agency personnel need to DISOBEY IMMORAL orders

                              given by politicians and "superiors" and STOP PROTECTING                                             

the PSYCHOPATH, MEGA CRIMINALS who run this world!