1) UNITE !   2) Be FEARLESS !   3) Spread LOVE !  4) Spread TRUTH ! 

5) Take some type of action against the bastards at least once a day.


Folks, this is a very serious situation with potentially grave consequences. This is a war of information. Why? Because information creates people's perceptions which leads to their behavior. At this critical time, it is IMPERATIVE the we win the battle of disseminating truth and defusing the lies and propaganda! Here are some ideas that will help the cause:


1) PEACEFUL NON COMPLIANCE. Peacefully do not follow government orders. It's HIGHLY STRATEGIC that many, many people do this. If only a few people resist, the system can, and will, squash those people very easily. WE MUST OVERWHELM THE SYSTEM! They can't arrest or fine everyone! Go to stores and in public in groups with friends, neighbors, and family. Small business owners- OPEN YOUR BUSINESSES!!!
                                                                                                                                                                             2) STOP USING YOUR SMART (STUPID) PHONES. At a bare minimum, minimize their use. LEAVE YOUR PHONES AT HOME.     DO NOT CARRY THEM WITH YOU EVERYWHERE. YOU ARE BEING TRACKED!! Boycott Facebook and youtube.

3) PLANT SEEDS. It's impossible to UNHEAR something. Posing a thought in the form of a question is always more effective that making a statement which some people will immediately dismiss without giving it any thought. Due to ego, people don't like to be told  what to do or what to think. Don't just make a statement, ask a question that makes the person think and requires a response.  i.e. Have you noticed that during the Presidential Press Conferences the President, Vice President, and their advisers stand shoulder to shoulder and don't wear masks? What do you make of that?

If you're standing in line at a store, use it as an opportunity to get the word out. If possible, bring up the subject in a chat with someone else and the other people will be subjected to hearing the conversation. If someone agrees with you, they will feel more empowered because you will reinforce their beliefs. It will also demonstrate to those who believe the "official narrative" that maybe they should consider that we've been lied to. 

Engage as many of people as possible. Verbally, you can tell them that the virus tests have been proven to be fake by a highly accredited doctor. On social media, attach the above videos of David Icke and Dr. Andrew Kaufman or other strong evidence.

4) VERY IMPORTANT!! Contact any and all police, military, and alphabet agency members, in whatever you feel is an effective method. IT IS VITAL that police and military STOP enforcing bogus laws and orders and protecting the mega criminal elitists! Better yet, they arrest the bastards!

5) PUT ASIDE YOUR POLITICAL BIAS!! Look at all politicians and "officials" OBJECTIVELY. By their ACTIONS you shall know them! 

6) Call or email (PESTER!) your local and state politicians to call them out for the stay at home orders and urge them to educate themselves about the flaws in the "official narrative". Remember, many politicians are likely members of the dark cult.

7) Call or email the Governors of Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and Arkansas to commend them because they have NOT issued stay at home orders. Tell them THANK YOU and TO HOLD THEIR GROUND and DON'T GIVE IN!!

8) DISPLAY A SIGN. If you live in a high automobile traffic or foot traffic location, get some poster board or yard sign material and make a sign with a simple message. Posing a thought in the form of a question is always more effective that making a statement which some people will immediately dismiss without giving it any thought.  i.e. Is the pandemic fake?

9) We need to start an email/phone campaign to ALL General Managers at every local TV station! Check the local TV websites for General Manager name and email address. You may have to call the station to obtain the info. It only takes a few minutes. Copy and past this draft and email it to your local stations. PLUS, look up other cities TV stations and do the same. Let's blanket every station! Attach links of current, highly credible videos and articles with powerful evidence. I always include David Icke's website. Go get 'em!


I'm guessing that you are a well meaning and respectable person. You have a powerful position because you control information.   

My prime question is: Amidst the hysteria of the COVID-19 "pandemic", have you ever considered the possibility that the "official narrative" may be propaganda and not completely truthful? 

Many accredited doctors and scientists from around the world are questioning and debunking the "official narrative". Are you willing to go against the grain and have your news department investigate and report a different narrative? It will take a great deal of courage by you and your staff to do so. However, isn't it supposed to be the duty of journalists and the media to bring forward objective analysis and truth?

There is ample evidence to support the thesis that for many reasons the COVID-19 narrative is a scam. Please do not have a knee jerk reaction to that statement or discard it as conspiracy theory or fake news. Remember, truth is stranger than fiction. 

If you are not aware of any of the following information, it is imperative that you clear your mind of any beliefs or preconceived notions. This is very difficult to do for most people. Hopefully you can find it within yourself because what is transpiring is of grave consequence for all of us. Objective analysis, logic, critical thinking, common sense, and intuition are required. Time is of the essence.

In a nutshell, the fear and panic caused by the "phantom virus" is a a major distraction and a tool/excuse being used to advance a hidden agenda. What is occurring, to those who are paying attention, is the crashing of the US and global economy (stock market plummeting, gold and silver is unavailable, unemployment due to the lock down, small businesses being eliminated etc.) to usher in a new world, cashless economic system and Draconian control (similar to China). Forced vaccinations are also on the agenda. These things have been long planned and will be occurring rapidly. 

You owe it to yourself, your family, and your viewers in the Treasure Valley to seriously investigate and report that we are being fooled by our government, the CDC, and the true "powers that be". I do not want to overload you initially with the volume of information that is available, but I will point you in the right direction.

(ADD LINK) Doctor explains in detail why COVID 19 test kits are extremely faulty. Watch this: A Breakdown on Current Testing Procedures

I suggest that you make it a point to look at numerous articles or videos from this site, especially videos with David Icke (who has been researching the actuality of the world for over 30 years, made presentations in about 30 countries, and who has authored about 25 books). Pronounced: Ike

Thank you very much. Please email me a quick reply with your thoughts.