Commentary, analysis, speculation, and intuitions from MOI.


6-27 OBLIVIOUS! These are very serious times for humanity, especially Americans, yet a vast majority of people are woefully ill informed about what is taking place. We are watching the specific, strategic and long planned dismantling of America (as well as the rest of the world). Generally speaking, people are heavily programmed, misguided, lazy, and allergic to searching for truth. They are pathetically not paying attention and do not possess a knowledge base large enough to connect the dots and comprehend the magnitude of the (obvious) covert agenda (which rapidly continues to be implemented and executed to damn near perfection). Social conditioning is taking hold. People are spell bound and hypnotized.

Upon observing the mild resistance to the whole COVID1984 pysop, it seems to me that many people are disinterested, unconcerned, just drifting along, heads in the clouds, fully expecting things to go back to "normal". Have they not realized that this "temporary" hoax has been going on now since early March? It's been four months and the propaganda campaign and significant loss of freedom is intensifying with no end in sight.

What began with a phantom virus and manufactured crisis was followed by a staged event to stir up racial division, pit citizens against police, and set up a call to eliminate the police. Get rid of the police and it's mob rule. The police are the lesser of two evils. Yesterday, Minneapolis City Council (stooges of the cult network) voted unanimously to abolish the police department. What possible repercussions will come from this? While MOI is certainly no fan of police, this vote sets a precedent. It's the same old stale playbook which is used every time. Set the precedent, get the first domino to fall, and the rest will follow. Expect numerous cities to follow the lead of Minneapolis and expect it to happen quickly.

The bastards in control want chaos and violence. Don't be surprised if UN (New World Order) "peace forces" are brought into the cities to replace the police. This will set the stage for UN troops to war with irate cops who feel dissed, unemployed cops, and misguided citizens (Don't ask me where the US military fits into the picture). You see, this is another old trick. Soldiers typically will not kill people in their home country, their friends, their family, as they do not view them as "the enemy". However, bring in foreign troops onto American soil, and they will willingly and  gladly wipe out the hated American Imperialist assholes. Candidly, can you blame them after all the overthrowing of governments, stealing of resources, rape, murder, and plundering that the US military and alphabet agencies have caused in all parts of the world for many decades? Here's a little secret, most of the world HATES the US, and rightfully so.

The unaware, clueless ones are oblivious to what is likely just around the corner... a "second wave" of COVID1984 (with extreme lock downs, restrictions, contact tracing and more), amplified civil unrest, coerced COVID tests and dangerous vaccinations, increased coverage of 5G weaponry, a possible "food shortage" and/or conflict with China or mayhem during the election. Remember, merging mankind with A.I. is in the works too. The bastards have many tricks up their sleeves and a full tool box to easily manipulate and frighten the oblivious and bring humanity to it's knees.

Experts say that it's going to have to get "really bad" before people will wise up. I have news for them. It's already too late and there's nothing we can do anyway. We're being steamrolled by the matrix. Maybe the best advice is to follow the masses... just bend over and keep your head buried in the sand. It's a safe, familiar place for the oblivious. Now you can benefit too. Assume the position, spread your cheeks, grit your teeth, and get ready to take what's coming.  

6-21 The Arrogance of IGNORance, Ego, and Stupidity. Years ago, David Icke coined the phase The Arrogance of Ignorance. It refers to the fact that people can be very steadfast and inflexible in their opinions which they have formed based on no study, research, or facts. They'll defend their misguided beliefs like pitbulls. I'd like to take this opportunity to add to his phrase. Let's add ego and stupidity into the mix. Arrogance is caused by ego and ego is a major problem that contributes greatly to the total dysfunction of our global insane asylum..

We have now entered a stage of the SCAMdemic where the phrase "that's your opinion" has become common place. You see, the scamdemic has been around long enough now for people to become experts on social distancing, hand washing, and mask wearing. One woman stranger I spoke to in a grocery store boasted that she was donning a "more safe" cotton mask and that she rotated wearing clean masks. I explained to her that it is scientifically proven that viruses are microscopic and easily pass through the fibers of any masks. Then I offered her the analogy that it's like trying to protect yourself from mosquitoes using a chain link fence. All she could muster up was this misguided, self righteous, yet oft used statement... "I don't wear it to protect myself, I wear it to protect others. You have your opinion, and I have mine."  Need I say more?

The phantom virus has also been around long enough for people to sense deception and look into some readily available alternative information being presented by highly qualified and intelligent doctors, scientists, and researchers from around the world. This group has done their homework and found more truthful information in alternative media. The information is logical. It makes sense. These folks MAY be, or ARE aware, of the big picture hidden agenda but regardless, they're generally less programmed by propaganda. They at least realize that we're being lied to by the government, health organizations, and media. 

Conversely, there is another group who follow the Lame Stream Media. They seriously believe the "official narrative", having watched the "news" reports (lies) on why masks should be worn and the ludicrous claims that social distancing is necessary and beneficial. Therefore, they may ignore or discredit important truths that cross their paths. The folks on this side of the debate rarely are aware of, or understand the big picture and are being played like a deck of cards. 

So now we have a new form of division, The Awakened vs. The Asleep. Of course it plays right into the hands of the masters of psychological warfare. Now we have people from one side pointing (or giving) the finger at the other side and claiming they're brainwashed. "You're brainwashed. No, you are! No, you are!" and so it goes. 

The fools who have been duped by the propaganda machine are so arrogant due to their egos, that they are unable to open their minds and receive information that conflicts with their strong belief in the mind fuck propaganda (cognitive dissonance).  Thirdly, you have many people who are (also) just PLAIN STUPID. For example, explain to them that masks are harmful to their health because they are not breathing in fresh oxygen and you might as well talk to a wall. They don't even know what oxygen is, yet alone carbon dioxide. Mention that viruses are not living organisms and cannot travel within the body yet alone outside of it, and it does not compute!

Houston, we have a(nother) BIG problem. Arrogance, ego, stupidity and division is not a good combination. There is a famous saying by Soren Kierkegaard that states: "There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe something that is not true. The other is to NOT believe something that IS true." Sadly, the mask wearing, social distancing crowd is FOOLED on BOTH accounts. Unfortunately, they will pay severe consequences for their choices and have no one to blame but themselves if/as things worsen. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink when it's wearing a mask.

6-17  Ally of the Devil: Religion.  I am spiritual, not at all religious. As a child, I was raised catholick and hated it. Years ago, I learned how evil the catholick church is. It doesn't get any lower than a priest abusing a child, and I'm certain the church covertly promotes it to priests and nuns. Thankfully I have never been drawn into the trap of religion, however I did give religion a fair chance.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                As an adult, I searched for a religion that resonated with me and attended many different churches. No church stuck a chord with me, in fact, based on what I witnessed, I was turned off to religion. It's bad enough when preachers and bible study classes have to interpret and tell people what the scripture means (tell people what to think), but it used to sicken me when preachers had the audacity to tell me what God thinks!!


I have never been draw to read the bible and believe my soul has been telling me to stay away from it. Religion is mind control, fear mongering, and guilt tripping. People let religion strip them of their power and make them feel unworthy, insignificant, and inferior. 


I always find it interesting that so many people want to humanize and label whatever the higher power is. Gotta give it a name. I find it offensive that people always refer to "God" as a masculine figure. He does this, He thinks that. When the opportunity presents itself, I purposely refer to God as She and it instantly confuses and upsets people's programmed minds. Did not the creating source create females too? Divine masculine and divine feminine are equal parts. Powerful Gods and Goddesses yet in religion, the male half is superior of course.


I hate the word WORSHIP. To me, it seems t's demeaning. Do you see how the humanizing element of religion applies? God must be like us humans and have a huge ego because He demands that all of His creations WORSHIP HIM. Why would an almighty, all powerful being have a need to be adored and revered? Once again, people are minimized and feel they have to look up to the Almighty and diminish their own existence. My approach is to offer respect and gratitude to whoever or whatever created me. I offer respect to all living things. At its core, love is simply respect. 


What makes sense to me is that we all make up the "God Head". It's called the Law of One. An analogy is that we're all like unique, equal droplets of water (parts) that make up the ocean (the whole). So I am God, you are God, a rock is God, a bird is God, a planet is God. How BLASPHEMOUS for me to suggest such a thought!! With this concept, there is no need for worship because we are "God". Religion pushes the agenda that we are separate from God. Divide and rule.


Another thing that bothers me about religion is this. There are soooooo many religious HYPOCRITES! Pathetic. Week after week church goers have twisted thoughts put in their minds. Week after week they listen to sermons, study the bible, and recite scripture. Then they proceed to go out and cheat on their spouse, screw people over in business, kick the dog, and treat other people like shit.

Chew on this idea for a moment. Is it possible that the well intended, brain washed masses have been tricked into giving their worship and energy to the "deity" Lucifer? Lucifer is cunning and deceitful, the Trickster. How many people actually make the effort to study the roots and history of religion? Not many. They just have blind faith and have no real idea what they are participating in. BTW, why are the evil Jesuits known as the Society of Jesus?


George Carlin had it spot on, when he referenced organized religion as a big con job and how it is mind control dogma. And, as he suggested, it wouldn't be such a bad idea to "worship" the Sun. Without it, there would be no life here.... period. 

I'm not overly concerned about anyone's "beliefs". Although I feel church goers are being misled, I don't judge them. What's important is to observe people's actions, regardless of their beliefs. As long as they are loving, that's what counts. You will not find me trying to persuade someone to think like I do. I am a humble MESSENGER OF INFORMATION, that's all. No ego.... "I'm right and you're wrong." At the end of the day, none of us knows shit! Greek philosopher Socrates said: "Wisdom is knowing how little we know".


The only thing that really matters is living from the heart, being a beacon of Light, and being love at all times. We are all different expressions of whatever put us here. Celebrate uniqueness, lead by example, and realize that we are all one. Love to you, Allah

​6-14 MIRACLES ARE happening. ​Miracles do happen. It seems they are infrequent most of the time but then again it could be considered that every breath is a miracle, that life itself is a miracle. The word miracle depends on perspective I suppose. Maybe a miracle can be described as a prayer that is answered but it seems that miracles can happen randomly and unexpectedly.

 I'm glad to report that I had one, completely unexpected , without a doubt, no other explanation, absolute game changing MIRACLE occur in my life recently. Wow! I'm floored but I must admit how things unfolded was really cool, very cool! These amazing synchronicities have served to remind me that this life is a spiritual journey.                         

The occurrence has helped me to restore confidence in a higher power... call it God, Infinite Awareness, Allah, Creator Source, consciousness, divine intervention, or simply the essence of pure love. My reaction was to acknowledge it as the miracle (gifts) it is and to offer appreciation and the highest level of gratitude to whomever or whatever has been responsible for this  blessing. Not to be greedy but keep 'em coming!!

The good news is that I sense that many other people are also going to start experiencing miracles in their lives as well. If they happened to me, they can happen to anyone. There are so many deserving people who have done yeoman's work to be a beacon of Light, live from the heart, to expose fraud and disseminate truth. I can only hope they are as fortunate as me.

I cannot explain why, at this time, the remarkable good fortune came to me. Maybe I'm being "rewarded" and some good karma was cashed in for my well being. Who knows? I do sense that there's meaning behind the miracle. It may be in preparation for what lies ahead.

In addition, I get the feeling that it is very possible that some GIANT miracles may be coming soon to this planet and all life here. Maybe my experience is a precursor to what is going to happen on a grander scale. The psychopaths are throwing everything at us and will continue to do so as this year progresses. So, maybe, just maybe, some worldly miracles are in order.

​6-12 The Cowardice of Conformity. It's very plain to see. It's very painful to watch. It's very difficult to accept. Look around and you will find a population of cowards who are exacerbating the mind game control system which envelops us.  These "well intended", virtue signaling, milk toast and spineless conformists are a major problem in the world today and are greatly contributing to the "new norm". Why are they at fault? Because they do not have the courage to go against the grain, to live their truth, to do what they know to be right. They don't want to stir the pot, create a scene, stand up to utter nonsense, buck authority, or rock the boat.

How many times have you heard stories about grandparents that cave in when their own children demand that they wear a mask if they wish to see their grandchildren? It's like being held hostage. Another good example is the massive number of people who wear masks in public or at work and then complain how uncomfortable the masks make them feel. "I don't really want to wear it but I don't make to make anyone else uncomfortable or sick" is their lame rationalization. What that really means is, "I'm afraid of what people will think."

ILL informed and order followers by nature, these wussies concede to societal pressure. David Icke coined the phrase "Hassle Free Zone" depicting a self policing society of cowards who won't risk ridicule by others for not going along with the crowd. It's safer and more comfortable in the dysfunctional, cowardice Hassle Free Zone! 

I despise all police officers and military personnel for being immoral order followers. However, having an equal or even greater negative impact on the common good, is the army of citizen order followers. They do everything the system (aka "authority") "requires" them to do. Go along to get along is their motto, even though in their hearts and minds many of them intuitively feel they should not comply. These people pleasers are fearful of the most mild confrontation or watered down potential consequences. Unfortunately, they lack self respect and self worth, are unaware that they are programmed to do as they're told, while all along rationalizing their actions as being noble and righteous.  Call them do gooders who do nothing.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the cowards of conformity who are now enjoying the power trip of being enforcers of mask wearing and social distancing. These misguided wimps, who also lack self worth, thrive on their new found position of "authority", bossing and threatening customers, fellow shoppers, and coworkers. 

It's damn well time these folks snap out of it, start stepping up to the plate, and change their ways because they are intentionally or unwittingly serving the control system that threatens us all.  There is no bravery, only stupidity, in acquiescing to the outrageous and ridiculous demands being put forth by corporations, politicians, and health organizations. Attention cowards! REform, don't conform!


6-8 Too Far Gone. True, there is some non-dysfunctional love in this world but it's severely out weighted by insanity. It's time for some harsh analysis. It's time to get real. It's time to look around and observe closely. It's time to honestly and objectively assess yourself and the condition of the Insane Asylum we call Earth. The time is upon us to call a spade a spade... no more sugar coating, no more delusions, no more wishful thinking.

Humanity has been hijacked long ago and the game has been lost. Current heinous events are causing fear, stress, and depression. This situation is serving its purpose. It's time for a harvesting of souls. Many are, and will soon be, exiting this planet, this plane, this hologram, this software program, this experience, this life, this disgusting, barbaric, immoral, totally dysfunctional, fear based, cruel, twisted, money grubbing, corrupted, materialistic, callused, void of connection to Source, low vibratory, PETTY place. In case you haven't noticed, this Hell Hole is thoroughly inverted and distorted. It's beyond repair. There is no way this world is going to turn around or be "saved". Darkness rules over it and not enough souls here have the wherewithal, wisdom, self awareness, intuition, spirituality, principles, or COURAGE to change a damn thing. It's over. Checkmate.

Jesus is not returning, Trump is not bringing down the Deep State (for which he is a part), the White Hats don't exist, the Ashtar Command is fiction, the Truth Vibrations are neutered, and there will be no divine intervention. We will individually and collectively get what we deserve. This world can be turned around but not by an external source. We must look within, take responsibility for ourselves, and humanity must unite.

Generally speaking, this place is full of confused souls. It's void of genuine love, morality, respect for life, compassion, consideration for others, common courtesy, ethics, integrity, or caring. This is nothing but a chaotic cluster fuck. Shallowness reigns. Very few people "get it" on a deeper level. They just wander around in a state of total unconsciousness; drooling, uninformed, misguided, egotistical, unwitting pawns. Appropriate behavior is absent even on the most basic level. Can anyone out there adhere to something as simple as the Golden Rule? "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". It seems easy enough, but lack of self awareness prevents people from achieving such a rudimentary task.

So let's stop all this nonsense about the cabal being in panic mode. Let's stop with the idea that love always prevails and that Light always defeats darkness. They (The (d)elitists, AI, other worldly dark entities, and human minions) have their shit together. They create plans years in advance. They implement and execute the plans. They get results.... EVERY TIME. The Matrix is a well oiled machine and dominating humanity is child's play, a piece of cake. They laugh everyday at all the FOOLS who are so easily psychologically manipulated and controlled. They tell us what they are going to do beforehand. They make obvious mistakes. They use obvious propaganda, and tell us ridiculous, blatant BIG LIES.                       

They live. We sleep. It is well documented and acknowledged that we are all indoctrinated and severely programmed since birth. Yet it's still extremely embarrassing how many people are unaware, unconcerned, clueless, brain dead, IGNORant, STUPID idiots. Sorry for the candor.

Congratulations are in order! You've just got your asses kicked, in blow out fashion, by the likes of fine upstanding entities such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Henry Kissenger, George Soros, Jeffery Epstein and his pals, Nancy Pelosi, Benjamin Netanyahu, Lester Holt, the Rockefellers, the Bush clan, Elon Musk, Oprah, and a vast multitude of other sub human, psychopathic, scum bag "one percenters". Good job!  

The TRUTH HURTS and the Truth Vibrations have just delivered you the truth. But, truth is useless if not taken to heart and turned into wisdom. Let's end this on a positive note. MOI is open to all possibilities. Miracles DO happen. So it is possible that a monumental miracle somehow transforms this world. Should we hold our breath and count on it happening? No. However, keeping it in the hopper as a possibility doesn't hurt.

6-6-20 What a Riot! The prime target is America and the take down continues. The main aspect to understand about the orchestrated riots is that this is a primary tactic used during the overthrow of many societies throughout history... staged civil unrest leads to violence, chaos, the breakdown of society, and increased control.  

The system wants conflict and most importantly division. Never underestimate the phrase "divide and conquer". It's a paramount item in the stale but still effective playbook. So the bastards now have many people in fear and the onslaught will continue. People in fear of illness, fear of death, fear of each other, and fear of the police and "racists"! People are twisted, unconscious, and deeply programmed. They mindlessly follow.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Next up may be a fake alien invasion or numerous manufactured "natural disasters" (especially in the US) this summer including tornadoes, quakes, floods, and unseasonal hurricanes in the south. The fear mongering gambit will be complete once a few more phases of the plan are implemented. Then people will also be fearful of aliens and Mother Nature. By the Fall, coerced virus tests and vaccines (manufactured BEFORE the fake pandemic) will be rolled out. Humanity will shit itself in fear. And, the energy sucking vampire parasites causing all the mayhem will have quite the harvest and total control of witless, completely unaware humans ready to be assimilated into A.I.. 

6-3-20 Bias: Ego based mind control. ​I highly suggest that everyone study the human EGO. Yes, WE ALL have egos and egos have a tremendous impact on the extreme dysfunction which exists in our personal lives and all around us. If you're interested in understanding your ego, a good place to start might be the work of Eckhart Tolle. Egos play a role in establishing belief systems which also greatly contribute to the insanity experienced here in the Insane Asylum.

Bias is a big problem for many reasons and often times it prevents people from receiving information and truth. They go into defense or attack mode and resist any information which contradicts their bias. These people can't be reasoned with. It's always a good idea to try to view situations and information objectively. Remove the emotion, remove the ego (I am always right), look at the "facts" and you'll perceive things much more clearly. 

If you observe people and situations, you will notice how blatant bias is. It clouds a person's vision and blocks them from being able to step back and look at things objectively and accurately. In particular, there are two very powerful, easy to spot forms of ego based mind control. They can drastically affect people and their perspectives.... political bias and religious bias. Generally speaking, bias imprisons the mind and prevents the expansion of consciousness, knowledge, and wisdom.

It never ceases to amaze me how political bias influences people to extremes. From a psychological standpoint, it appears that many times, if a person supports a certain politician(s), that person ends up seeing that politician through rose colored glasses. If the politician they voted for wins, that politician can do no wrong. Conversely, if the opposing candidate wins, the winner can do no right. It's quite interesting to observe the inability to be objective and the rationalizing that takes place. Sadly, folks with bias usually can't even detect it within themselves (lack of self awareness). Their ego won't allow them to admit to themselves that they may be "wrong" or that a different narrative may have merit.

The same mental retardation holds true for those with religious bias. The level of programming via religion can be extremely detrimental and very difficult to break. A steeped belief in a certain dogma or religious character can form an indestructible barrier to overcome. Often times people are unable to open their minds and accept other possibilities.

A practical solution to this problem is to stay flexible on ALL issues. Listen to other people's opinions or perspectives with an open mind. You may not agree with them but once in awhile something someone else says make strike a chord and change your perspective. Freeing your mind allows for mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. Be biased about being unbiased!

6-2-2020 THE IMPOTENT AWAKENING.  Some folks surmise that COVID1984 is causing a significant wave of awakening!! Is the enthusiasm warranted? Is it REALLY going to help the cause? It's a fair assessment to conclude that many people are breaking through to a degree. The phantom virus and now civil unrest are IN YOUR FACE events serving as springboards for many people to jump on the "awakening bandwagon". However, while many are "catching on", these awakenings are what I call "shallow awakenings". Allow me to explain.

Awakening is a break through moment when someone becomes more conscious. Awakening is just the trigger, it's when the light bulb turns on, the moment when you take the "red pill". Consciousness can be defined as being more aware of yourself, your surroundings, and INFORMATION. The good news is many people are likely snapping out of their induced commas. The bad news is that they have a long way to go before they understand all the aspects of going deep down the rabbit hole. My awakening happened over 11 years ago. It was a major download of information in a very short period of time. Since then, I have searched for truth and continued to expand my consciousness on a daily basis. Can others get up to speed and "catch up" rapidly? I hope so. Humanity's existence may depend on it.

A foundation of knowledge needs to be established in order to have "eyes to see". For example, while many might realize the pandemic is fake, they have limited perspective because that's the only thing they have "awakened to". Therefore, they are still unable to connect dots to see the bigger picture. They lack understanding that theoretically, only years of study can provide.  They are not experienced in discerning truth. The have not done inner work, are not self aware, and are still attached to their biases and belief system. In many cases, they are still deeply programmed into the Matrix. Yet, they now proudly proclaim that they are "awakened" by golly! Read a few memes and headlines, watch a few viral videos and voila! Instant awakening!

In addition, there are soooooo many people who are still completely clueless, deep asleep, unaware and unconscious that they have no idea what is going on around them nor the seriousness of the situation that we are in the midst of. They are literally incapable of understanding very basic information and concepts. They are unable to use logic, common sense, critical thinking, or to question authority or official narratives. Brain washed, programmed, gullible, trusting, mind controlled, technology altered slaves are common. There are so many people attached to belief  based on falsehoods with egos as strong as oxen (of course a majority of folks have NO understanding of ego or that they themselves have one!).

 I mentioned to David Icke that not everyone has to be "awakened" for the paradigm to shift and he agreed. He also mentioned that those who expand their consciousness serve as transmitters to spread the frequency/vibration of truth.  I don't doubt that the Truth Vibrations have intensified. I'm just hoping that the Deprogramming Vibrations are close behind and extra strength!  We're experiencing a historic MIND FUCK that is challenging even those with the highest levels of consciousness. Will the shallow awakening be enough to get us over the top? Stay tuned.

6-1-2020: FULL COURT PRESS  On May 22, 2020 I wrote:  What to expect, the MOI vision: FEAR NOT! The fake crisis/psychological war on humanity will continue but will unravel and backfire. Why? There is a strong wave of awakening that is occurring. The AI cult is panicking and will get more and more desperate and completely ridiculous. They will either pull out all the stops and fail or they will try to save face and retreat, regroup and draft a new plan.

This was a couple of days after the David Icke radio interview I did with Ryan Gable on The Secret Teachings. I was feeling optimistic. Mr. Icke inspires optimism. Part of me senses that something special is going to happen... a cosmic event of sorts that will rid this planet of the parasitic AI cult, and catapult humanity into a new paradigm. I feel it's important to have a positive outlook during these historically horrific times.

Then there's the common sense side of me that says the playing field is far to tilted to the dark side. It ain't even close to being fair. The level of deceit is staggering. Humanity and all life here is being maximally assaulted by these bastards on every front with massive mind control programming, effective divide and conquer strategy, chemtrails, harmful magnetic frequencies and radiation, nutritionally depleted food tainted with poisons, fluoridated water, and staged events designed to cause civil unrest. I could go on but you get the picture. And it seems the only weapon to fight back with that the decent people of this planet have is truth. One ponders, why would a loving creator allow this level of evil?

So, today is June 1, 2020 and it appears that the cult is pulling out all the stops. It's a pedal to the metal, full court press.  It seems like it is against all odds that this can turn around. We can only speculate as to what is going to unfold. Speculate and wait, not an envious position. I feel like a hog waiting for slaughter. The way I see it is the only way humanity will overcome this is via divine intervention of some sort and there have been no indications what so ever that will occur.... yet part on me remains optimistic.  Tomorrow's topic: The Impotent Awakening

The only thing that really matters is living from the heart, being a beacon of Light, being love. We are all different expressions of whatever put us here. Celebrate uniqueness, realize we are all one.


I am SPIRITUAL, not at all religious. I was raised cathoLICK and hated it. Now I know how EVIL the cathoLICK church is. It doesn't get any lower than a priest abusing a child, which I KNOW the church PROMOTES it. I have never been drawn into religion however... I did give religion a fair chance.


As an adult, I searched for a religion, attended many different churches, to find one that resonated with me. NONE did. I used to love it when preachers had the audacity to tell me what GOD THINKS!!


I have never been draw to read the bible. I believe my soul has been telling me to stay away from it. Religion is mind control, fear mongering, and guilt ridden. People let religion strip them of their power and make them feel unworthy, insignificant, and inferior. 


I always find it interesting that so many people want to humanize and label whatever the higher power is. Gotta give it a name. I find it offensive that people always refer to "God" as a masculine figure. He does this, He thinks that. I purposely refer to God as She sometimes and it instantly confuses people.


I HATE the word WORSHIP. I offer respect and gratitude to whoever created me. I offer respect to all living things. Love is simply respect. See the human element being applied? God must be like us and have a HUGE EGO so that all of HIS creations need to WORSHIP HIM. Why would an almighty, all powerful being have a need to be WORSHIPED? Once again, people are minimized and feel they have to look up to the Almighty and diminish their own existence.


What make sense to me is that We ALL make up the God Head. It's called the Law of One. We're all like unique, equal droplets of water (parts) that make up the ocean (the whole). So I am God, you are God, a rock is God, a bird is God, a planet is God. How BLASPHEMOUS for me to say such a thing!!


There are SOOOOO many religious HYPOCRITES! Pathetic. I'm with you on the idea that people have been tricked into giving their energy to Lucifer/dark energy.


George Carlin had it spot on, he referenced organized religion and how it is mind control dogma. And... it wouldn't be such a bad idea to "worship" the Sun. Without it, there would be no life here.... period.


So anyway kiddo, I'm not concerned about your approach. I won't question it. I respect it as long as you walk the walk. I NEVER try to persuade someone to think a certain way. I am a MESSENGER OF INFORMATION, that's all. No EGO.... "I'm right and you're wrong." None of us knows shit!


What matters most is living from the Heart and leading by example.


Love to you,