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             WHAT IS THE "PANDEMIC" ACTUALLY ABOUT?? Read this                                           FUNDAMENTAL TO UNDERSTAND: THE WORLD IS RUN BY PSYCHOPATHS.                                                                           WHAT IS A PSYCHOPATH?  READ THIS                                                                        STOP GIVING AWAY YOUR FREEDOM. ALL THESE "ORDERS" ARE  VOLUNTARY, NOT LAWS!                                                                                                                                                                                                       Wise up and rise up! Envision a positive outcome! ALWAYS do what you KNOW to be right.                     1) DO NOT BE FOOLED!  2) UNITE!  3) Be FEARLESS!  4) Spread LOVE!  5) Spread TRUTH!          

             THOU SHALL NOT CENSOR!! BOYCOTT FACEBOOK (switch to or                                                 BOYCOTT YOUTUBE (use or Banned.Video)                                                   Freedom of speech in the balance. Learn about this lawsuit against youtube!! Watch this


        SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2022

            The "COVID1984 pandemic" is a manufactured crisis! Don't be fooled by the LIES! Peacefully disobey authority.                                                 Why do people trust and have so much faith in the government/authority?  Watch this                                     FEARFUL for your safety and health? George Carlin has some insights for you.  Watch this   

                                                IMPERATIVE INFORMATION                                                OPEN YOUR EYES. IT'S EASY TO SEE! COVID SCAM AGENDA=FEAR CAUSING               COVER/EXCUSE/DISTRACTION (BIG LIE) USED TO TRANSFORM HUMAN SOCIETY.                                       WATCH THIS                                              

                  THIS IS A PLANETARY TAKEOVER! PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE AGAINST HUMANITY. IT AIN'T ABOUT HEALTH, IT'S ABOUT TOTAL CONTROL AND ULTIMATELY FUSING HUMANS WITH A.I.                                      THIS IS MEDICAL CORRECTNESS,"WEAR A MASK OR YOU'RE HURTING OTHERS"...        SIMILAR TO POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, "USE THIS PHRASE OR YOU'RE HURTING OTHERS' FEELINGS".                                          BOTH ARE MIND CONTROL MANIPULATION TECHNIQUES.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    11-18-20 THERE IS NO COVID 19 VIRUS!!! WATCH THIS                                                   10-9-20 CDC ADMITS THEY HAVE NO PROOF THAT THE COVID 19 VIRUS EXISTS!   READ THIS                NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE HAS BEEN SHOWN BY THE CDC, WHO, BILL GATES, DR. FAUCI,                ANY HEALTH AGENCY, OR ANY GOVERNMENT THAT A COVID 19 VIRUS EXISTS. ZERO EVIDENCE!!                                  - Inventor of the PCR test, used for COVID test, clearly states:                                             "PCR test, you can find almost anything in anyone. It doesn't tell you that you're sick." Watch this

    For accurate analysis of what is transpiring, visit  Make it a point to watch ALL videos by David. Click here  GAMECHANGER! (to no surprise) There is NO CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE, (NONE!) that VIRUSES OR BACTERIA CAUSE DISEASE.                                      The entire medical industry is based on a dogma of false premises and is not based on sound science!  Listen here   Watch this                       Get the book! What Really Makes You ILL? Why everything you thought you knew about disease is wrong.  Website   Order book                            Related:  Rockefellers corrupted health (for profit) in the early 1900's.  Read this    Read this​                                                                                       


- DR. KAUFMAN PROVES COVID-19 TEST does NOT test for COVID19 or any VIRUS!!​ Watch this                                                                                 

       - From April 3, 2020: Vaccines have NEVER been proven to prevent or cure any disease. Watch this                                                                                - 5-1 Dr. Kaufman explains how the medical system is designed to compromise/control doctors and offers 5G info.  Watch this​                            - DR. STEFAN LANKA PROVES WITHOUT A DOUBT THAT VIRUSES DO NOT CAUSE DISEASE. WATCH THIS

                                                                                 TRUTH IN MOVIES!!                                                                                     - 1979 German movie, The Hamburg Syndrome, eerily depicts today's manufactured pandemic.  Watch this                                                                  - Classic movie They Live (1988) depicts the actuality of the situation on Earth. Watch this  MODERN DAY VERSION! Watch this                                - Classic movie The Matrix (1999): "Most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. Some of them are so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it". Watch this  SNAP OUT OF IT. FREE YOUR MIND NEO!!                                                                                          - Have you figured it out yet? The WORLD is a BUSINESS Mr. Beale. Famous scene from Network (1976). Watch this                                                    - Humanity is being assimilated into A.I. transhumans, just like in Star Trek's The Borg. Will resistance be futile? Watch this

                                                 RECENT POSTS​​                                                                             Archived original version of Messenger of Information from 2009 until 2019. Hundreds of posts.  Click here  

Socrates: "Wisdom is knowing how little we know". Deceit, confusion, chaos, division, & speculation. No more opinions. WE KNOW  NOTHING.    



2-21-21 THE BIG PICTURE, END GAME. THE ROOT CAUSE BEHIND THE INSANITY OF THIS WORLD.  What force is behind the anti human/anti life agenda? Icke helps connect the dots as we see the plan unfold before our very eyes. MANDATORY VIEWING. Watch this                                  


Sorry for lack of posts lately. Nothing much to report. Same old shit. 

12-4 Evil MIT invents robots that can assemble robots. Welcome to the Terminator era. Read this

11-29 The world shadow government and it's many decades old Global Vaccine Regime! Read this

11-21 Brief excerpt... COVID propaganda campaign has been run by the National Security Council since the get go! Watch this

11-10 PLAN NOW NOT TO EAT TURKEY ON THANKSGIVING!! Here's the dark truth about how the turkeys you ingest are treated. Watch this

11-4 David Icke deemed a "terrorist" and banned from the EU, all because he was to speak at a PEACE RALLY. Click here

10-31 Mississippi River at dangerously low level. Barges unable to transport goods. Read this

10-28 US may run out of diesel fuel the Monday before Thanksgiving. If it happens, everyone will be screwed. Watch this

10-3 Alex Jones interviews David Icke who speaks of a non human force inflicting an anti-human agenda and more. Watch this

8-25 BREAK FREE from The TRAP. MUST VIEW!! Icke explains in detail what is ocuring and how to escape this matrix. WATCH THIS IN ITS ENTIRETY!! Click here

8-24 No surprise... MIT concludes that the universe is a CUBE. Click here     Any coincidence that the Borg ship was a cube?? Watch this

8-23 Listen to guest satanic ritual abuse victim Jay Parker with host Ryan Gable on the Secret Teachings Radio Show. Click here

8-15 Wildfires used as weapons, here and abroad... of course! US military is evil. Watch this

8-8 David Icke talks about his new book "The Trap". WATCH THIS!! Click here

7-25 Aussie lab rats... Those down under, are going 6 feet under. VAX PAX to spray GMO vaccine consisting of live bateria using chemtrails in "clinical trial". Click here

7-7 Excellent documentary. What is a woman? Watch this

7-4 CDC report on vaccinated/unvaccinated. Take stats for what they're worth but 74.2 million Americans never took the covid shot. Read this

6-7 Here's how the current housing crisis was manufactured. Read this

5-6 First hand account from survivor of Epstein Island. Watch this

4-22 Full list of Trilateral Commission members in the US today. Evil bastards/bitches! Read this

4-21 Dr. Ardis completely debunked. Read this

4-19 Dr. Andrew Kaufman breaks down, basically debunks, claims by Dr. Ardis on snake venom being associated with covid. Watch this

4-13  Caution this may be disinformation but...  Dr Ardis REVEALS THAT COVID IS RELATED TO SNAKE VENOM IN THE WATER, REMDESIVIR, AND COVID SHOTS. Watch this   PROOF? smoking neutralizes the covid virus (snake venom). The truth is always debunked by the media!! Watch this

4-9 World events have been pre-planned many years in advance. In 1969, Rockefeller insider Dr. Richard Day presented what was planned for the world with extreme accuracy. Thus, the state of the world today.  Watch this

3-24 Friend, colleague, and trailblazer for exposing truth, the honorable Jordan Maxwell has passed on. Celebrate his life and that he is no longer in this Hell on Earth! Rest in Peace Jordan. You are much loved and thank you for your tremendous contribution to help humanity!             Click here   His authentic website

4-5 KISS ALL YOUR FREEDOM GOODBYE. Disturbing but accurate info as to what is happening now and what is coming soon. Watch this

3-24 Open Letter to a corrupt and indecent child snatching Police Chief and Sheriff. PLEASE CALL THEM AS REQUESTED.  Click here

3-21 The Clintons: A reminder about the appalling, lowest life, disgraceful mega criminals and reprehensible Clinton Foundation . Watch this

3-21 Congratulations to the Women of the Year!! Women with penises rule!!  Watch this

3-17 UPDATE: Cyrus returned to his parents. Speculation: Scum Idaho Governor (Chicken) Little behind politically motivated wicked CPS kidnapping of Baby Cyrus. Please help!Read this

3-17 Ukraine's cult appointed Zellensky: World War 3 may have already started. Read this

3-16 The truth about Ukraine from a US Colonel. Note this aired on Fox News. Watch this

3-16 Democide! CDC Report: 61,000 covid injection deaths in 2021 ages 25-44. More US deaths than in the Vietnam War. Click here

3-15 Next assault on humanity crisis. FOOD SHORTAGES. Watch this

3-15 Media ramming up Russia/China allies narrative. All long ago planned. Read this

3-9 Finding truth is this world.... damn near impossible!!! Likely truth: Ukraine has been bombing its own people since 2014.                          Watch this   Watch this

3-7 Accredited doctor exposes gross graphic images of outer worldly material extracted from vaccinated dead people. Watch this

3-7 Have a laugh and then puke. Watch laughing stock hypocrite Justin Trudeau. Watch this

3-1 ANOTHER example of why you should NEVER trust social media or the LAME stream media. 7 FAKE news stories about the  Ukraine conflict. Ah, you say, but should I trust this article?? MOI tends to think so but who knows. You decide. Read this

2-25 As David Icke has been forecasting for years... a long time planned war of East vs. West. China and Russia vs US and NATO. Russia attacks Ukraine and look at the IMMEDIATE media and political narrative. It's gonna get very ugly, very soon folks. Click here

2-24 MANDATORY VIEWING! Trance... The Movie. MK ULTRA mind control sex slave Cathy O'Brien tells her story in this documentary. Support this brave woman's cause. Watch this

2-21 Canadians continue their impressive stand. URGENT message to Canadians. Walk out. Starting today, don't go to work! Watch this

2-21 The cockroaches are scrambling. Icke lists key members of the sinister World Economic Forum network. We know who you are and what you are doing!!  Watch this

2-15 Positive head way? Truckers having an impact? Ontario  to drop covid restrictions and injection passport requirements. Read this

2-15 Why have over 100 ultra healthy pro soccer players dropped dead of heart failures? Two words...KILL SHOTS! (covid injections)Watch this

2-4 The answer to humanity's problems... PEACEFUL NON-COMPLIANCE. Just say no to authority's absurd demands. It's that easy. Here's a prime example of how NOT to cooperate. Say no to tow! Read this

2-4 What's in the covid injections? Nothing to worry about. Listen to brilliant Dr. Campra explain what's found in the vials and not listed on the ingredients insert. Watch this       Related: Morticians finding gross and strange anomalies in vaccinated dead people. Read this

2-2 Documents show many numerous severe reactions from covid injections to US military personnel. These stats are staggering! Watch this

1-31 TRUCK 'EM! Canadian truckers unite and scare the cowardly Trudeau to flee. All the elites' pawn front people are cowards and succeed only because they are protected by the system and others do their dirty work for them! WIMPS!  Read this

1-26-22 Dr. Carrie Madej explains the dangers of monoclonal antibodies shots, her first hand knowledge of the end game, & more! Watch this

1-25-22 Authors Dawn Lester and David Parker go into details about health, germ theory, contagion and the fake pandemic. Watch this

1-18-22 What is a virus?? It's NOT what you've been told! Watch this

1-17-22 Why you SHOULD NOT vote! Watch this

1-12-22 Dr. Kaufman proves that just like there is no covid 19 virus, there is no stinkin' Omicron virus either! Watch this

12-28 FUCK!!!! Nanotechnology within covid injections explained.... BAD NEWS! Read this

12-27 Step right up! Stupid people will flock to get new covid pills and Merck will reap huge profits. Read this

12-19 Why you need a second life jacket in order to be safe! Watch this

12-16-21 Genocide of Australian native Aboriginal people. Here's the the lowdown of the land grab and murder that is occurring. Watch this

12-9 A prophetic message of hope for those who have eyes to see. Watch this

12-7 David Icke brilliantly sums up the past, the present, and the future. BELIEVE THIS MAN! He knows his shit like no one else! Watch this

11-30 Living robots can now reproduce. Read this



11-20 FBI SWAT team raids home of activist mother, terrorizes family. Read this

11-15 Worldwide mass murder, right before your very eyes. INJECTION GENOCIDE. David Icke recaps what is transpiring. Watch this

11-12 South African doctor brilliantly articulates the big picture plan of the covid scamdemic. Watch this

11-9 Mass murder without consequence. Feds pay zero claims for covid vaccine injuries/deaths. Read this

11-4 Noble Prize winner and inventor of the PCR test being fraudulently used to test for covid has no good words to say about Fauci. Watch this

11-4 Look at this list of covid vaccinated pro athletes having adverse effects or death. Next NBA, NFL, and MLB players will be dropping dead. Just wait and watch. They already killed Hank Aaron and Marvin Hagler.  Read this 

11-1 Physicist/scientist Nigel Hands destroys current physics and gravity theory, Newton, and Einstein all at once.  We live in an inverted, "for profit" world, run by a corrupt establishment that utilizes total deception. Watch this

10-23 Understand and ACCEPT the anti-human, REPTILIAN theme. It's REAL. Shape-shifting and the planetary take-over explained. Watch this

10-22 Sickening and maddening: Courageous hospital administrator gives first hand account of the incompetent, compromised, corrupt, and  covid vaccine pushing medical system agenda and ineffective VAERS reporting. Watch this

10-20 Police are a major part of the problem. Misguided, order following useful idiots who protect the mega-criminals who are destroying society and the planet. Check out the latest crowd control device. Splendid!  Watch this

10-19 Welcome to China, USA. The blueprint for the world... mega-surveillance and social credit scores. Here's how it works. Watch this

10-18 For what it's worth. "Planetary Update". Read this

10-13 WHAT ELSE is in the vials? Another theory/observation.   Watch this    Watch last segment about crickets... GROSS! Watch this

10-13 Make the connection. What is in the covid vials? WATCH THIS!!  HAIL HYDRA! The significance of the hydra as a life form and symbolism used in Capt. America and James Bond Spectre movies. What is hydra and its characteristics? Select Wikipedia (genus) Read this   Hydra logo  See the similarity? Watch this

10-6 Know this and know it well. David Icke lays out what's in store for humanity (the dismantling of human society). Watch this

10-3 covid shots = injectable computing system. Some VERY CREEPY STUFF! The highly respected Dr. Madej shows proof.  Watch this

10-3 Attorney Thomas Renz exposes more facts about using raw data regarding the covid SCAMdemic. Pass it on!  Watch this

9-30 What in the world is REALLY happening? The Vaccine Death Report is a compilation of information that sums things up nicely. Read this-

9-21 The heroic Cathy O'Brien joins the magnificent David Icke for a classic, foundational interview. LOVE & TRUTH are the answers.  Watch his

9-21 History repeats itself. Vintage cartoon spells out  "How to take over the world." Seem familiar? Watch this

9-21 CDC warns hospitals about outbreak due this Fall for 5 year old children. How could they possibly predict this? Here's how.  Watch this      Related: Watch this 

9-21 covid shot regret. Facts about the M-RNA weaponized injections. Click here

9-20 This tells it all. First hand comments from a UK funeral parlor owner/Director. No pandemic. covid shots are lethal injections.  Watch this

9-19 DO NOT TRUST DOCTORS OR HOSPITALS. Hospital staffs killing people using the covid protocol drug REMDESIVIR!!  Watch this

9-19 Let us not forget about the mass amount of MK ULTRA mind controlled slaves amongst us.  Watch this

9-16 Attorney and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and sums up the scamdemic nicely. Pass this on! Watch this

9-13 BEWARE the thought/message to get the covid shot being put into your subconscious mind via advanced technology!! Watch this

9-9 What everybody needs to's this simple. SAY NO!!  Watch this

9-1 Is this covid "vaccine" agenda actually about injecting BLACK GOO into people? Ryan Gable pontificates. Listen here

9-1 Some good news. Judge rules that college student athletes cannot be mandated to get covid injections. Read this

8-30 More word games and manipulating covid stats, all intentional to keep people confused. Complete bullshit. Read this

8-26 What's in the covid injections? Just read the insert. Click here

8-20 PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN FROM THE WEAPONIZED COVID INJECTION! 1 in 9 kids have had serious adverse reactions. Read this

8-11 Spanish study:  Pfizer covid weaponized injection contains 99.99% deadly graphene oxide poison. Watch this   Read this                                   Electro Magnetic Frequency/ 5G effect  Watch this

8-11 Proof the world has gone COMPLETELY MAD. Boulders are racist! Click here

8-5 What's happening to this insane society? We're experiencing MASS PSYCHOSIS! The majority of the population is MENTALLY ILL! Watch this

8-5 UFOlogy: Who is Valiant Thor and is he still here? Watch this

7-27 SEE FOR YOURSELF! Healthy blood compared to covid vaccine blood under a microscope. Remember, it's tested and SAFE! Watch this

7-22 Attention unfortunate lab rats. Sorry to inform you. You are not in the clear just because you did not have severe adverse effects or because you had some and they went away. Learn about the irreversible damage being caused by blood clots that are occurring, and will continue to do so forever, within your body from the covid shots. Dr. Hoffe explains. Click here 

7-21 Some hope? Doctors file lawsuit to immediately halt covid vaccines in US. Trouble is the cult controls the courts. Evidence that 45,000 or more people have died within 72 hours after getting covid shots. Read this

7-14 Latest stats from CDC: 9,000+ deaths and 41,000+ serious injuries from covid "vaccine" in US alone. BUT IT'S SAFE. Read this

7-14 What is conservatorship? Humans owning humans. FREE BRITNEY SPEARS (and so many others). Read this

7-12 The courageous, caring, and articulate Dr. Vernon Coleman. Gotta love this guy!  Click here

7-10 The energy scam. Why solar, wind, and batteries are not the answers. Short video. Watch this

7-2 What is WETIKO? The MIND VIRUS that is affecting humanity. Learn more. Read this

7-1 Isn't that cute?? NO!! Beware DARPA and Boston Dynamics and their robodogs. Click here

7-1 Tucker Carlson report on 180,000 illegal immigrants coming to US PER MONTH, censored and REMOVED by despicable youtube. Click here

6-24 MRNA inventor warns the covid injections are not safe or necessary for young people (or ANYone).  Read this

6-22 "Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing." Voltaire. What really makes you ill?Read this

6-9 Think covid test swabs up your nose are safe and harmless? Think again. What is ethylene dioxide? Click here 

6-4 People are laughing WITH David Icke now, not at him. Watch this

6-1 Some call it "shedding" but more accurately covid injected people are transmitters to those who have not been injected. Why do you think that all of a sudden mask and social distancing mandates are being lifted and large gatherings are now permissible? Read this

5-30 FAKEbook whistleblower loses job after exposing the systematic censorship of anyone questioning the fake ‘vaccine’. Click here

5-30 YES! Attention business owners! Follow the leader! Cafe owner charges $5 fee for mask wearing customers.Read this

5-24 The brilliant Dr. Carrie Madej explains dangers of nanotechnology and transhumanism related to the covid shots. Watch this   Watch this

5-23 The mysterious death (August, 2019) of 1993 Noble Prize winner and PCR test (used for covid tests) inventor Kary Mullis. Watch this

5-19 Legal proceedings have began to charge those responsible for the SCAMdemic to be held accountable for crimes against humanity. Lawyers and medical experts worldwide say they have all the evidence they need to convict WHO, CDC, GATES and others. Read this

5-18 NOT SAFE! Ask rock guitar legend Eric Clapton if the covid weaponized injections are safe. The propaganda fooled him, he got the shots and adverse reactions, and he thought he'd never play guitar again. Read this

5-9 Legal proceedings: Send these links to your local health department or any entity that promotes the covid vaccine.  Read this                          Doctors for covid Ethics: Shots not necessary, effective, of safe.  Read this                            

5-9 Say NO to covid injections! Dr. Carrie Madej: The future of humanity is at stake. Watch this

5-4 What we all need... a good laugh! Watch this

5-3 A Celeste Solum Report (not new) exposes technological capabilities and strategic planning of what is transpiring. Watch this                            Related:Harvard nanotechnology pioneer devolped nano bio compatible transistors that can enter cells.Click here

4-29 People are taking some positive stands but there's a LONG WAY to go.  Watch this   Read this   

5-1 update: CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYER RICK MARTIN was released 4-22 from unlawful incarceration! Thank you to those who took action.

4-26 History of PANDEMICS. A swine flu SCAMdemic was conducted in 1976. Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes exposed the fraud.  Watch this        Written in October, 2017, EVIL Johns Hopkins' "hypothetical scenario" (plan) mirrors the current covid SCAMdemic.  Read this

4-16 Cult controlled Johns Hopkins University confirms that you can be covertly vaccinated by the covid test swabs without knowing. Read this

4-16 The evidence piles up. Compilation of some of the reported deaths and injuries caused by covid injections. Click here

4-15 Go get 'em! EVERY "medical professional" who gives the covid vaccine is GUILTY of willful negligence and attempted murder. Now you can hold them accountable. Here's how. Read this

4-15 On tax day, say NO to paying taxes. THERE IS NO LAW requiring people to pay income taxes. Here's proof. Watch this

4-13 BEWARE sinister DARPA! Microchip implant detects covid before you show symptoms. Impossible! covid virus does NOT exist. Read this   Also... Don't believe the Spanish Flu story. History cannot be trusted. Now, accredited doctors have stated it was likely caused by vaccines!

4-11 Psychological warfare. A perfect example of propaganda with made up names, made up people, and made up LIES. Read this

4-8 Beyond sinister. Microscopic evidence of nanotechnology in masks and on test swabs. Watch this   Read this

4-8 The satanic, dark occult world in which we live. This says it all and there are many, many other similar videos. Watch this   Analysis

4-8 Why trust "authority"? Oops! Now CDC claims disinfectants are harmful and to use soap and water. Read this

4-8 A bit of GOOD NEWS. Four states are now banning vaccine passports. NOTE/KEY: Corporations may still be allowed to require.  Read this

4-5 Dr. Mike Yeadon, former VP at Pfizer comments on the dangers and likely agenda of the covid vaccine. FF to 17:00 mark with Icke or listen to Yeadon interview in its entirety. Click here

4-5 Very disturbing info you will get nowhere else, sources provided. Celeste Solum former long time FEMA employee explains the unfolding agenda. Potential danger from vaccinated people: Watch this   Additional info: Watch this

4-3 Suez Canal: more to the story? If true, disgusting but not surprising. Will it EVER(green) end?  Read this

4-1 No joke. Three mega CRIMINALS/monumental LIARS endorse covid shots proving with absolute certainty NOT to get the shots. Click here

4-1 COVID SHOTS KEEP YOU HEALTHY AND ALIVE. April fools! Instead, enjoy a miscarriage or a painful, full body rash. Read this   Read this

3-29 Just say NO! Latest CDC report on adverse reactions to covid shot in US: 1,739 dead, 38,444 injured. Read this

3-29 Two more reasons to boycott EVIL Amazon. Read this     Watch this

3-26 New addition to the Truth In Movies section above. The Hamburg Syndrome.

3-24 Teachers sue LA School District over "vaccine" mandate. And what will come of it? As always, NOTHING. Cult controls the courts. Read this

3-23 Important background info about Dr. Richard Day , the evil Rockefellers, suppressed cures, the depopulation agenda, and the dangerous medical system. Read this

3-22 What is happening in Israel will make you vomit. MEDICAL TYRANNY by the PEOPLE. Watch this    Watch this

3-17 Max Igan with some important insights. Click here

3-17 He gone. Creepy Joe Biden (and many others) is non human. Look at this comparison of before and his now black, beady, lifeless eyes.  Watch this 

3-13 More proof: In a BIG way, COPS ARE CRIMINALS and pedophiles (and the system protects them).  738,00 records document it. Read this

3-13 Zombie virus: Complete and total propaganda gibberish designed to manipulate and confuse. Read this

3-10 Professional athletes having mental health issues due to isolation from covid (phantom virus) "protocols".  Read this

3-4 Q: What's this tell you? A: That Creepy Joe Biden (ILLuminati/Dark Occultist) the pedophile is protecting those like him.  Read this

3-3 MUST SEE! Death of the Germ Theory. The Germ Theory is all wrong! Watch this

2-28 Going, going, GONE! Life as we have known it is gone... forever! In progress: PLANETARY TAKEOVER. Listen to Jack and Ryan discuss the state of the world on The Secret Teachings Radio Show. Click here

2-28 The World Is Suffering From Mass Delusional Psychosis. The true public health crisis is NOT covid, rather the FEAR of infection. Click here

2-25 Why are people fooled? PROPAGANDA LIES, designed to confuse. Here are two perfect examples.  Read this   Read this

2-23 You know it, I know it, and anyone with even a pea sized brain knows it. The vaccine MURDERED HANK AARON. Read this

2-22 "We are correct. The  SARS-CoV2 virus does not exist." Written testament from highly accredited Doctors Kaufman and Cowan. Read this

2-21 covid test swabs covertly vaccinate people. Doctor explains. Watch this      Dr. Day's website: Click here

2-21 Bold Business Owners for Liberty: National movement to re-open America MONDAY, MARCH 1, 2021! Join in!  Click here

2-17 Any mask wearers paying attention? CDC admits falsified deaths added to covid death totals. Click here

2-14 New website "No Masks For KIds!" allows all parents to post mask related health issues being experienced by their children. Click here

2-11 Never let your guard down! Have you been tricked? MOI suspected this from the start. Test swabs may contain the vaccine. Click here

2-11 Moving. The caring and compassionate Dr. Vernon Coleman warns about the criminal covid vaccines. Watch the end! Click here

2-11 The covid vaccine contains mRNA. What does they mean? It means DANGER. Watch this 

2-7 Any surprise? Deaths and adverse reactions to covid vaccination continue to increase. Read this

2-7 No guns and no ammo for you! Why does the government want you disarmed? Ask Stalin, Hitler, or Mao. Read this

2-1 Elitists laugh hysterically at humanity, as the willing masses, literally and figuratively, bend over and take it in the ass.  Read this 

2-1 Flu cases now nearly nonexistent, lowest level in 130 years! How? Simple. Flu now diagnosed and reported as covid. Read this

1-23 Q ANON, Cobra, Drake, Fulford, Wilcock, Dr. Steve Pieczenik are agents conducting PSY OPS! Don't beLIEve their lies! Click here

1-22 Four years later. President Chump. Drain the swamp? No. Bring down the deep state? No. Cause a great deal of division? Yes. He played his role and did exactly what his masters instructed him to do. MOI had it nailed from the start. Scroll down to Focus on Chump. Click here

1-19 BEWARE! Say NO to ALL covid vaccines! M-RNA covid vaccine designed to program humans . Read this                                                                  Related: covid vaccine DEATH TOLL: American deaths 55, Norway 29. Read this

1-14 Want some good news for a change? Here it is. Believe it if and when you see it happen. Watch this

1-12 GOOD RIDDANCE! SCUMBAG billionaire Adelson dies. Problem is there's a hundred more like him ready to fill his role. Read this

1-9 How to stop 5G masts from going up in your area. Watch this

1-7 It's here, get ready. Expect more of this happening everyday, everywhere throughout the US.  Watch this

1-5 The most scary advanced technology exists and the worst planetary takeover agenda you could ever imagine is being executed and very few people realize it. Watch this

1-5 CDC reports flu cases DOWN 98%. That's because all flu cases are being diagnosed and reported as covid.  Click here

1-2-21 New parody by MOI to The Police song, "Don't Stand So Close to Me" entitled "Stand Close" Click here

1-1-21 What's to come in 2021? David Icke lays the ground work and pontificates.  Watch this

1-1-21 On one hand, this is an economic war.  The concept explained. Watch this

12-29 Update on the Age of Aquarius activation. We can only hope this is legit. Read this

12-26 Nashville bomb a psy op? Very suspicious. You be the judge.  Watch this

12-21 An extraordinary apology to Mark Zuckerburg and our friends at FAKEbook.  Watch this

12-20 MOI is apolitical and does not support Trump. However, watch this report and decide if his drastic actions are a good thing. Watch this

12-19 Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING: DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE!!  Click here

12-19 Whistleblower and anti-vaccine activist murdered. Read article and watch video which includes MN Senator Scott Jensen.  Click here

12-15 The beyond EVIL CIA... a runaway train. Disinformation and propaganda agents. First hand testimony. Watch this

12-14 LOSING THE REPUBLIC: Diehold Foundation video series 4: Governments reaction to the upcoming Nova and polar reversal.  Watch this

12-11 Total loss of freedom. Up next: Digital Passports. Read this

12-11 Landmark Portugal court case decision proves covid test has up to 97% false positives. What are the consequences though?  Read this

12-9 In a nutshell, Icke gives an overview of humanity's current situation.  Watch this

12-9 Anything to this? Can't help but hope so. Is this a cosmic thing involving ETs? Read this

12-8 Comic relief from JP. If the SCAMdemic thinking was applied to everything.  Watch this

12-8 Is there hope? Lawyers band together globally to take down perpiTRAITORS of this crime against humanity covid hoax.  Watch this

12-8 Philosopher and clairvoyant, Rudolph Steiner (1861-1925) forecasted use of vaccinations to "eliminate the soul with medicine".  Read this

12-7 Plans for the upcoming DNA altering covid vaccine.... mark of the beast! Click here

12-7 Edward Snow reminds all Stupid cell phone users, that your phone is spying on you! Watch this

12-5 Jack from MOI joins Ryan Gable on the Secret Teachings to discuss germ theory, PCR (covid) tests, modern medicine and more. Click here

12-4 Reviewtube: Classic documentary.... Secrets of the CIA. Understand the history and sheer evil of the CIA. Watch this

12-3 Watch Trump's speech regarding the blatant election fraud and voter fraud. Watch this

12-2 WARNING: Power grid outage alert. David Icke explains. Watch this

11-30 Johns-Hopkins University: "the number of deaths by COVID-19 is not alarming. In fact, it has relatively no effect on deaths in the United States." Read this

11-27 GROUND BREAKING, AGAINST THE GRAIN, HEALTH THEORY by Dr. Thomas Cowan that makes PERFECT SENSE. Today's medical approach is, and has been, ALL WRONG!  Click here

11-26 Wrap your mind around this. The Revelation of Organic Intelligence.  Read this

11-22 The BIG PLAN you best believ. David Icke with former FEMA employee Celeste Solum. Be aware of these diabolical possibilities. Avoid covid tests and the vaccine. Watch this

11-22 Presidential election fraud?? Nah, can't be. Except for one inconvenience... evidence. Read this  Dead people have rights too! Watch this

11-21 Reach your highest ground! Song of the Day. Click here

11-19 Interesting take on Trump and the "Great Reset". MOI still does not trust the guy but some of this may make sense. Watch this

11-18 ULTIMTE GOAL: Merge/fuse humans with A.I. Be aware of the evil World Economic Forum and this psycho. Click here

11-17 True colors. Chump (Trump) supports covid vaccine, due out soon. DANGER!  Click here

11-14 MOI suggests once again, that a PLANETARY TAKEOVER is currently occurring. What role might ET's have? Likely a big one. Don't discard --all the overwhelming UFO evidence including the Reptilians, Little Greys, and the intriguing movie/documentary... They Live. Click here        Might benevolent ETs stepping in be humanity's only hope? For what it's worth...   Read this, Part 1    Read this, Part 2

11-13 Let us not forget the highly evil, satanic pedophile monster and dirty asshole, Daddy George HW Bush. Watch this

11-13 In-depth investigation: Cyber expert breaks down election fraud. Watch this    Related:Another BIG LIE. Watch the investigation interview and then read this propaganda piece. Note the VAGUENESS of who made the comments. Who's telling the TRUTH.? You decide. Read this   

11-11 Packers QB questions covid and the NFL protocol. Of course no coverage on, ESPN, or Lame Stream Media.  Note how the article supports the official narrative and ends with "statistics" which support the false narrative, in essence discrediting Rodgers. Read this

11-10 Interview with David Martin. Learn about Scum Dr. Fauci, mega criminal vaccine company, Moderna and its role with covid. Watch this

11-9 Quote of the Day by Sitting Bull about Warriors. Be a warrior.  Read this

11-8 Very interesting info presented the eve of the election from a former long time Air Force Lt. General about "hammer" and "score card" technology and its election fraud usage and capability. Watch this

11-8 IN PROGRESS: DEMOLISHING THE HUMAN PSYCHE.  Psychological warfare on all of humanity. David Icke explains beautifully. Watch this

11-8 A helpful message from the Hathors on how to handle these chaotic times.  Read this

11-6 True? Infowars report from ex-CIA man (who MOI does not trust) that Trump orchestrated a sting operation to expose election fraud. Arrests imminent. We'll see. Watch this  David Knight doesn't trust this guy.... a "CIA shill".Watch this

11-2 MOI has not heard this info before. Don't be surprised if "election hack" will lead to a "Cyber 9-11" ushering in A.I. "internet security" state. Click here

10-29 Explore the courageous work of mind controlled sex slave Cathy O'Brien and rescuer Mark Phillips. First hand accounts of the vile, disgusting, beyond evil, hate filled criminal actions of scum like Reagan, Cheney, Daddy Bush, Byrd, Clintons, Leahy and many more. Watch this   Watch this   Watch this

10-28 DO NOT VOTE! It's a racket and they are ALL CRIMINALS! Presidents are SELECTED, not elected. George Carlin's take on voting. Click here

10-25 Beware this possible scenario. Biden stated in the last debate that it's going to be a "dark winter". Here is an exercise conducted in 2001 that you should be aware of. It's called Dark Winter and it was held at Johns Hopkins University, same as Event 201. Read this

10-24 Better watch this. More absolute proof FROM A CDC ARTICLE that the "covid virus" cannot and does not infect human cells! Watch this

10-24 How much more proof do you need that covid is total BULLSHIT?  Read this Open Letter from the World Doctors Alliance. Read this

10-23 QUICK! Watch this video before it is removed from youtube. Creepy Joe Biden touches little girls. Biden is from Arden, Delaware, a known satanic cult, generational Illuminati community. Watch this 

10-23 Good news, if anything comes of it (which never happens). DOJ moves to break-up Google. This would be HUGE! Read this

10-17 This video blocked in every country around the world. Take a peek. Watch this

10-17 Ponder this. The God of Spinoza.... Einstein's choice. Read this

10-17 Five main reasons why narcissists/psychopaths are ABSOLUTE COWARDS. Watch this 

10-15 Biblical references aside, good info and insight by Pastor JD on masks, social distancing, initiation ritual, quarantine and more. Watch this

10-13 German neurologist: "Oxygen deprivation is dangerous for every single brain. Oxygen deprivation damages every single organ. To deprive a child's or an adolescent's brain from oxygen, or to restrict it in any way, is not only dangerous to their health, it is absolutely criminal. Oxygen deficiency inhibits the development of the brain, and the damage that has taken place as a result CANNOT be reversed." Click here                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 10-12 Philosophy of life. Wrap your mind around this. Teachings by the brilliant Alan Watts. Watch this 

10-12 STOP 5G NOW! Pentagon allocating $600 million for 5G "dual use experimentation".  Read this

10-9 Bill "Mr. Vaccine" Hates, a man? with a not so hidden agenda. His personal worth soared $10 billion since the scamdemic began. Read this


10-8 Additional members of the criminal, pedophile, satanic cult added to list. Click here

10-6 Interview with Nursing Home nurse describes severe patient abuse during scamdemic. First hand account. Watch this

10-5 David Icke: The War on Oxygen. Truth about the faulty covid tests and that 5G prevents the body from absorbing oxygen. Watch this

10-5 Let us not forget the DANGER of 5G! It's killing people in Sweden. Note the weakness of nurses to do what's right. Watch this

10-2 Open minded Christians and Bible studiers! Look at a different, logical explanation... ASTRO THEOLOGY by Jordan Maxwell. Watch this

10-2 SET-UP? OH NOOOOOO! President Chump tests positive for COVID. Where will this lead?  Read this nonsense.

10-1 100% proof positive! The COVID test is complete bullshit! The inventor of the test confirms it. Watch this

9-30 For what it's worth... Jordan Maxwell relays prediction which is to take place in OCTOBER 2020. Click here

9-30 Reports from French Reserve Army officers on extensive covid investigation, find hidden agenda for global totalitarianism. Read this

9-22 ATTENTION ALL CELL PHONE AND SOCIAL MEDIA USERS! You are COMPLETELY psychologically manipulated and you don't even realize it! Make it a point to watch Netflix' Social Dilemma!  AI takeover, the extinction of truth and more disturbing info. "It's checkmate on humanity".  Watch this

9-15 PASS THIS ON!! Say NO!!! to upcoming covid vaccines!! Superb explanation of what the vaccines will contain, merging humans with A.I.  This is all VERY REAL. Watch this

9-16 Former 20 year FEMA and Homeland Security employee Celeste Solum explains ingredient hydrogel in upcoming vaccines.  Watch this

9-14 Welcome to social credit scores.... complete control of your thoughts and behavior. Coming to the US very soon!  Click here

9-14 CONFORM! Here's why so many people are so easily manipulated to conform. Disturbing. Watch this

9-14 Famous Hollywood actress exposes stunning level of global child abuse.  Click here   You can help. Click here

9-14 Oxygen depleted humans. Masks, forest fires, 5G deplete oxygen intake. NW US: 2+ million acres burned so far. Read this

9-11 Take off your mask! MK ULTRA mind control sex slave victim, knows exactly why the mask agenda is being pushed.  Read this

9-10 Exactly what we need to do. Crowd peacefully shouts down cops, they back off.  Watch and learn.  Watch this

9-10 Here's how it's done.... every time. New proposed law in UK (and then everywhere).... better make some noise.  Click here

9-9 Who or what will stop The Weasel, Bill Hates and put him in his place? Jail. Hates Foundation ruining food supply in Africa. Read this

9-8  From someone absolutely in the know, Cathy O'Brien. The real reason for masks.  Read this

9-4 A threat and a BIG LIE from Bill Hates: "Normalcy only returns when we've largely vaccinated the entire global population." Watch this

9-3 New CDC report admits a puny number of deaths from covid... BUT STAY AFRAID ANYWAY and WEAR YOUR MASK!  Watch this

9-1 DARPA and AI=EVIL. Military AI demolishes human fighter pilots in aerial dogfight F-16 simulation.  Read this

8-30 Does this DISTURB you? A contact "free" society. Proof: A contactless, digital. no freedom transformation of society is upon us.  Click here

8-29 Get this through your skulls people, THINGS ARE NOT GOING BACK TO THE WAY THEY WERE.  Watch this

8-28 From the BBC. This is EXACTLY WHAT'S PLANNED. THE TRANSFORMATION OF SOCIETY: What to expect. It's here and it gets much worse.     Watch this   The article

8-27 On the brink: To those who state: "Who cares if they listen to my calls and read my emails, I don't have anything to hide. "HERE'S WHY YOU SHOULD CARE. China is the blueprint for the world and we're all on the verge of being completely controlled. Watch this

8-26 Scum George Soros who largely manipulates society via funding chaos and evil is now controlling District Attorneys. Click here

8-24 German forensic professor states that of the 100+ autopsies he's performed, ZERO people have died of covid.  Watch this

8-24 Dr. Andrew Kaufman joins David Icke to reiterate the proof that the PCR test used to test covidis invalid. Watch this

8-23 A reminder of Jordan Maxwell's message. A horrific global event will occur in October, 2020. Watch this

8-22 What is real?? More fucked up shit technology.  Watch this

8-20 Hilarious beat down of newscasters by doctor on Spanish TV news. Watch them scramble to maintain their lies. Watch this

8-20 Pass it on! Splendid premier documentary film from London Real: Plandemic: InDOCTORnation. Click here

8-18 Viruses are not living organisms, they do NOT cause disease, nor are they contagious! Read this

8-17 Detect the illusion. What it means to expand your consciousness. So true. Read this

8-16 By design. Drive small and medium sized businesses out of business. 83% of NYC restaurants in dire straights. Read this

8-15 Brilliant analysis as always by David Icke. MUST VIEW!!  Watch this                                                                                                                       COVID IS A MIND VIRUS: "IT'S THE BLIND, LEADING THE BLIND, AND THE BLIND THINK THEY CAN SEE."

8-14 From the CD "CHOKE", MKULTRA victim Poppy's "Scary Mask" song released in May 2019, precedes current mask wearing agenda. Disturbing but it's what we FACE. Note all the satanic symbolism, typical for a Poppy video. Official video

8-13 Europe: 630 doctors gather and present COVID for what it is... a scam.  Watch this

8-12 Quote of the Day: “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”              – Soren Kierkegaard

8-8 Indentifying propaganda. Here's a perfect example of mind fuck propaganda. Always note the source, in this case Yahoo. Read this                More.... USA Today propaganda. Lies about Sweden. Proposed severely coerced vaccination. By the way... FUCK PATRIOTISM!                           This is all out war against humanity.Read this

8-7 "It's just a mask." In 4 short months, the US and world has been transformed and few seem to have noticed. Watch this

8-6 Gates stutters and stammers his way through interview, unconcerned about vaccine side effects. He states multiple covid vaccine injections will be needed. RED FLAG!  Watch this

8-6 Fauci grilled about inconsistencies of mask wearing. Watch this

8-6 Well done overview about the actuality of this evil worl

d. Pedophilia: 40 million people are trafficked annually, a $150 billion industry.  Watch this

8-4 MOI Blog. Revisit from an article written by MOI iin 2010. The Depth of Evil.  Read this

8-3 Beyond sick. Society being playing like a fiddle. Absolute proof this is Psychological Warfare against humanity. Clinical trials now being held by US government and Yale to test how best to persuade people to take the upcoming COVID vaccine. Read this   Read this

8-3 Interview from yesterday with David Icke on London Real. Watch this

7-29 MOI maintains with certainty that there is no such things as COVID 19. However, almost all those in the medical field believe it's real based on their misguided medical education. So if you chose to believe in this virus, at least watch this press conference of American doctors who present facts and truth about what is transpiring that you won't hear on the news. Watch this

7-29 Why more people should change their beliefs and behaviors towards animals and RESPECT ALL LIVING THINGS! Watch this

7-26 Who are you? Presentation about ego, self identifying with titles, material possessions, and mind control through advertising. Watch this    Related: April- Historically healthy Ian Crane has cancer. Gives report about conditions of hospital. Watch this

7-25 New MOI Blog: "It's ALL WRONG!"  Read this

7-24 "How They Pulled Off the Pandemic" a short video by David Icke. Spread this far and wide to those who are asleep. Click here 

7-23 Trust them, they're not doctors. Dawn Lester and David Parker on the Secret Teachings tonight at 11 pm PST. 2 am EST. Click here

7-23 Double speak Trump candidly, is an idiot. Listen to his remarks regarding vaccines and the danger of the phantom virus. Watch this              Trump supports wearing masks.  Watch this

7-22 The true history of the Rockefeller pharmaceutical cartel and how it led to today's incompetent and corrupt "modern medicine". Read this


7-17 Mask FACTS from the Assn. of American Physicians and Surgeons.  Read this

7-16 New MOI Blog: "Coin Shortage? My Ass!" Read this

7-16 Why masks are ineffective, according to multiple scientific studies. Nicely done piece by Ben Swann. Pass it on to mask wearers! Watch this

7-15 Jon Rappoport: COVID: what was planned all along.  Read this

7-14 To reiterate, COVID has NOT been proven to exist. AND...the COVID test does NOT diagnose viruses. Click here

7-14 COVID test scam. 333 labs report 100% positive results. Read this

7-9 Excellent five minute video sums up the current situation. Watch this

7-9 MN Senator and family doctor being harassed and investigated because he spoke truth.  Watch this  

7-8 One down, many more to go. Illinois judge rules all COVID executive orders voided. Read this 

7-8 Good source! Swiss Policy Research is an independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit research group investigating geopolitical propaganda in Swiss and international media. FACTS about COVID... Click here

6-30 More info on Joseph Gregory Hallett... the soon to be king of England (King John lll)?  Click here

6-28 MIND BLOWING! The Hidden King. All the British Royal family is illegitimate for the last 100 years. Watch this

6-27 MOI Blog: Oblivious! These are SERIOUS times and Americans are completely unaware.  Read this

6-27 Minneapolis votes to abolish police department. Not good. Read this Here's why, UN troops in US:  Read this  Kissinger quote:Read this

6-26  Dr. Andrew Kaufman interview on The Secret Teachings radio show  Monday at 11 pm Pacific Time. Click here

6-25 Dr. Judy Mikovits claims about 50 million Americans may die if COVID vaccinations are not stopped.  Watch this

6-25 Man uses OSHA approved, calibrated oxygen meter, proves dangerous low level of oxygen when wearing a mask. Watch this

6-24 "If I learn the truth, I'm sure the end will leave me cryin." Song of the Day: Down, Down by BTO with lyrics. Click here

6-23 NEVER take anything at face value. A closer look at the George Floyd fiasco. Watch this

6-22 As always, no surprise. 1970's fear mongering, propaganda corona virus "health information film" depicts today's scenario. Watch this

6-22 The Prophecy of Hermes. Are we upon a rebirth of Earth with all that is good?  Watch this

6-22 In 2014, Dr. Lanka proves measles is not caused by a virus. Supreme Court ruled in his favor.Watch this

6-21 Blog: The Arrogance of Ignorance, Ego, and Stupidity. Read this                                                                                                                                       

6-20 A.I. is on the verge of making humanity extinct. Thoughts will not be your own and you won't realize it. Watch this ​                                   

6-18 Ten year veteran Ex Cop: "ALL COPS are bastards!" (CRIMINALS) Learn why from this article: Confessions of a bastard cop. READ THIS!            Related: Defund cops? No. MAJOR REFORM cops? Absolutely. Here's why. Read this                                                                                           6-17 MOI maintains the vaccine was already developed before the SCAMdemic began. Big Pharma whistleblower: COVID vaccine trials result in 97% infertility rate. Watch this

6-17 MOI Blog: Ally of the Devil: Religion. Read this

6-17 Better bone up on this real quick. A 1967 report on the complete exposure of the ILLuminati.  Watch this

6-15 GREAT NEWS! Law suits have been filed against governors, Gates, Fauci, the CDC and many others by the Constitutional Law Group.   Please support them! They work entirely on donations.  Watch this  Website

6-14 New Blog today. MIRACLES ARE HAPPENING. Read this

6-14 Meaningful Song of the Day: Kansas- All The World. Be love. Once the positive shift occurs, we're going to have to forgive many of the psychopaths. They're possessed and severely damaged. Listen here  Lyrics

6-13 Mr. Dictionary Sacha Stone explains things on the deepest of levels. What a vocabulary! See if you can grasp his messages. Watch this

6-12 As MOI has maintained, The George Floyd incident was staged and a psyop used as a vehicle to stir up riots, racial tension, civil unrest and more.  Watch this   As we move forward, remember these two hidden meaning phrases:  1) Take a knee.    2) I can't breath.

6-12 Revisit the courageous Ronald Bernard, reformed member of the dark side, and his incredible story and insight. Watch this                        We have the power. Watch this    Sign the declaration of peace.Click here

6-12 New blog today: The Cowardice of Conformity. Read this

6-11 Comedian Owen Benjamin speaks his truth and it's some serious, political commentary aside, it's some stand-up shit.  Watch this

6-9 Take off your mask dumbass! No scientific proof masks protect. They do dehumanize and weaken your immune system.  Read this

6-8 A new "in your face", bold MOI Blog post...."Too Far Gone".  Read this

6-6 Before Event 201, there was a Johns Hopkins biological threat exercise on May 15, 2018 called Clade X . Read this

6-6 We're NEVER going back to "normal".  Vaccines will merge humans with A.I. (30:00 mark) Former FEMA officer exposes plan.  Watch this

6-5 Mr. Vaccine Kill Hates (Bill Gates) owns the World HELLth Organization via nearly $4 Billion in grants to WHO.  Click here

6-4 As predicted by MOI, George Floyd event was STAGED. 21 points to consider.  Read this

6-4 Icke covers a lot of ground in this interview and as usual, connects the dots. His new book... The Answer. Watch this

6-3 Silver lining to the riots, something the Lame Stream Media doesn't want you to see.  It's called LOVE. Click here

6-3 In their own words. World HELLth Organization plans a second simulation and pandemic "excercise" by September.  Watch this  Read this

6-3 MOI has not fact checked yet, but if true, no surprise where the riot bricks came from. Watch this 

6-2 Government and cops likely in on organized chaos plot. Why didn't authorities in many cities notice pre-riot brick deliveries?  Watch this

6-2 Criminal COPS guilty of unprovoked attacks on innocent people, property destruction during riots. Click here  Click here  Police Watch

6-1 NEW FEATURE on MOI: MOI Blog offers commentary, analysis, speculation, and intuitions. Click here

6-1 Riots orchestrated. Pallets of brinks delivered to riot sites prior to protests.  Click here

6-1 Recap of the weekend's "planned chaos"... paid, riot professionals cause mayhem. Agenda: Cause civil unrest. Click here 

5-30 Floyd incident another staged event. Identified provocateur agent cop who started the rioting: St. Paul PD Jacob Pederson.                 WATCH NOW before removed. Raw footage of Pederson breaking out windows with hammer.  Watch this                                                               As COVID19 phase one fades, Alex Jones provides early analysis of phase two, the cult's plan to orchestrate civil unrest   Watch this

5-30 Superior poem on RACISM. Well said young man.  Watch this

5-30 PEACEFUL NONCOMPLIANCE STRIKES! Perfect examples of what EVERYONE needs to do.  Watch this

5-30 Pedophile Task Force: Not a well done video but worth a look. Legit? More no proof rumors.  Watch this                                               Related: In his own words. Listen to what Field McConnell said. Discerning truth is a very difficult task. Watch this

5-29 Icke update: Attempts to silence him continue, there is NO virus, critics NEVER debate him, a tour of his mansion and more.  Watch this

5-29 Bundy exposes ALL Governors' greedy motive to declare State of Emergency. Idaho got $1.25 BILLION. FF to 30:00 mark. Watch this

5-26 Unmasking the truth about wearing a mask. Dehumanizing, UNhealthy, order following, and worthless for protection.  Read this 

5-25 Let us not forget about another HUGE cover-up. The ET factor. Good interview with Dr. Steven Greer.  Watch this

5-24 The takeover of health care: FOR PROFIT Rockefeller Medicine. The history of our corrupted murderous health care system. Watch this

5-23 ARREST THE ENTITY KNOWN AS BILL GATES (HATES) for crimes against humanity. BTW... Have you noticed? His "wife" is a man.  Read this

5-22 Watch Dr. Buttar host a COVID1984 round table panel of 160 doctors. ALL of them reject the idea of a COVID1984 vaccination. Watch this

5-22 Blue Pill People... a funny video. Seriously though, we need to gently reassure them that they'll be ok and not to fear.  Watch this 

5-22 Positive headway. 24 Canadian groups and scientists appeal to government to suspend 5G until proven safe.  Read this                                  - Tennessee city halts 5G installation until FCC proves it to be safe. Read this  

5-21 David Icke on The Secret Teachings radio show. Positive consequences of love and other solutions.  Click here  Website: Click here

5-19 Ode to COVID1984.... a parody by MOI. Enjoy!  Click here

5-19 A detailed explanation about why VIRUSES ARE NOT CONTAGIOUS!  Watch this

5-18 David Icke's website back up after suspiciously being down for about 24 hours. Here's his latest on a platform BANNED.VIDEO. Click here

5-17 IT'S AN INFO WAR. This is very serious. A message from Brian Rose. Watch this

5-17 THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT. BE ONE WITH ALL OTHER LIFE. Watch this movie RECONNECT for deeper insight. Click here

5-16 David Icke speaks to Jeff Rense.  COVID1984 PSY OP is mass mind programming.  Listen here

5-16 More ABSOLUTE PROOF that the COVID1984 test is bogus. Tanzanian President tricks WHO. Goat, quail, and fruit test positive. Read this

5-15 Dr. Kaufman's most recent interview. Upcoming vaccines designed to genetically modify humans.  Watch this

5-14 Mark of the Beast... literally. Bill Hates digital tattoo uses enzyme called Luciferase.  Click here

5-14 BY HIS ACTIONS YOU SHALL KNOW HIM. True color Trump appoints COVID19(84) VACCINE CZAR orders military to distribute vaccines! Read this   Read this

5-13 The China Study proves that MEAT AND DAIRY products cause CANCER. To improve your health, consider a plant based diet  Watch this

5-13 Pro constitution cop Greg Anderson, explains what the department did when his video went viral. Watch this  Original video.Watch this

5-13 Labeling (divide and conquer) and "create doubt" tactics used in this article to discredit anyone who exposes the lies. Read this

5-12  Listen to a riveting interview with the authors of What REALLY Makes You ILL?  Listen here

5-11 youtube censors Plandemic video with Dr. Judy Mikovits who exposes crook Dr. Fauci, government and science cover-ups. Watch this

5-11 STOP HOUSE Bill 6666​ The TRACE ACT! "Health Officials" want to invade your home!  Read this  Petition Removed

5-10 A modern day version of the classic movie, They Live. Excellent!  Watch this    

5-9 The AI planetary takeover. THIS IS A SAMPLE OF WHAT'S IN STORE!  Boston Dynamics produced ROBO DOG patrols park.  Read this 

5-8 Zionist Donald Trump, owned by Israel, celebrated by one of the most evil men on the face of the planet, Netenyahu.  Watch this

5-7 Reassurance for all those who wisely believe the facts about the pandemic and rightfully trust our government. Pass it on.  Watch this 

5-7 There's a global effort to prove the "pandemic" is a SCAM. Letter to French Health Minister from a hospital practitioner. Read this

5-6 Staged news reports. This happens ALL THE TIME! CBS caught red handed. MOI suggests that ALL MSM nightly news is staged.  Watch this

5-6 Despicable and hypocrite  "Professor Lock down" Neil Ferguson resigns for breaking COVID19 orders by seeing his married lover.  Read this

5-5-20 MOI maintains there is no actual COVID19 virus but this could still apply. Get a patent on a fake virus or one that was never released on the public and reap the profits from the vaccine. Pirbright Institute has patents on corona viruses. Gates Foundation website proof of TEN grants to Pirbright Institute totaling over $17.2 million. Read this   See a list of all 10. Read this

5-5-20 Why the medical system NEEDS A COMPLETE OVERHAUL. INTENTIONAL malpractice is murdering people.  Watch this


5-4-20 Listen to Brian Rose recap the interview with David Icke which reached over 1 million viewers! Watch this

5-4-20 Watch the LondonReal interview with David Icke from 5-3-20. Especially good at the 2:26:00 mark to the end.  Click here

5-2 The history of Mr. Vaccine... Bill Hates (Gates) and how he has monopolized world health policy.  Watch this


4-30 Help the A.I. Organization protect humanity. A. I. The Plan to Invade Humanity. Watch this  Please donate.Website

4-29 Great term! COVID 1984! YOUTUBE continues major censorship of truth about the fake pandemic.  Watch this

4-28 Here's the latest interview with Dr. Rashid Buttar.  Watch this

4-27 David Icke: All roads lead to Bill Hates (Gates).  Watch this

4-26 Cashless society= THE END OF ALL FREEDOM. China quickly testing (instituting) digital currency. It's coming, and fast. Read this 

4-25 Comments from LIAR Bill Hates (Gates), that will make you want to PUKE (a COVID symptom?).  Who made him the boss? Read this

4-24 Stanford doctor: "Ignore the panic". Mass lock downs are not necessary/helpful.  Click here

4-23 Gates Foundation funds World Health Organization AND (Dr. Fauci's) Center for Disease Control (CDC).  Read this

4-23 Ron Paul chimes in on the fake pandemic.  Watch this

4-21 What is it that we are experiencing, this so called "life"? How do we perceive "reality"? David Icke explains in 10 minutes.  Watch this            

4-20 What do you know about 5G (best described as tracking/weaponry)? 5G is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. STOP 5G NOW!  Watch this

4-19 Dr. Fauci stated in 2017 that a surprise outbreak will occur during the present presidency.  Video of Fauci's remarks.  Watch this   Read this

Fauci wrote in New England Medical Journal: "Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza".  Read article 

Related: Fauci receives US Marshal security. The evil protecting the evil.  Read this

4-19 Alex Jones with an inspirational interview on London Real with Brian Rose. Watch this

4-18 David Icke: Are you getting the picture yet? What's in store for humanity if we don't act swiftly and decisively.  Watch this

4-18-20 Hmmmmmm. CDC conducted a pandemic exercise last summer that mirrors "COVID19 outbreak".  Read this

4-18-20 Does any company own a patent on COVID19 virus? If so, it would be a key factor.  Read this    Read this

4-17-20 Sweden leads by example. Stats prove overwhelmingly that lock downs and social distancing are not necessary!!  Watch this

- DO THIS IN YOUR STATE! Michigan residents/small business owners protest Stay at Home order.  Sheriffs defy order.  Watch this   Read this

- More DIRT on Bill Gates and his connections to Imperial College and the Gavi, Vaccine Alliance.  Watch this

- Good news. US Surgeon General DUMPS Gates/CDC/WHO "predictive contagion" model. Read this

- Good news. Trump halts US funding to World Health Organization. Read this

- Beware a cashless society.... which will allow the government TOTAL CONTROL over everyone. Read this

- Good ole boy network! Meet the 3 companies poised to build the "coronavirus surveillance system". Read this

​​- Trump Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci: Master LIAR and fear monger specialist. Look at his history. Read this

- Getting to know LondonReals's Brian Rose.  Watch this   Watch this

- Long time Epidemiologist: Virus could be exterminated quickly if lock downs are lifted.  Read this

- Photos of 5G (weaponry) antennas. Click here

- Doctor/Senator in MN exposes Dept. of Health for encouraging doctors to falsify death certificates. Watch this                                              Official CDC Guidelines for reporting "COVID19 related deaths" on death certificates. Read this


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