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  The objective of this site is to help enlighten people about the actuality of this world and the purpose of life. MOI also attempts to offer understanding about the spiritual aspects of life, creation, and our Creator.
This virtual library of pertinent information provides answers to any soul who seeks the truth. Delve deeply into this vast amount of information. Our suggestion: Be open to everything and attached to nothing.

Comments for Thursday, April 17, 2014:

- THIS IS HUGE! IT MUST GO VIRAL! IS:IS PORTAL ACTIVATION THIS SUNDAY, APRIL 20TH AT 7:31 PM CST!! Cobra post with an important update! Read this About The Event! READ THIS!
- The hits just keep on coming! Enjoy today's post (below).
  - Public claim of my sovereignty! Click here
- Vital game changing info!! ABSOLUTELY make time to listen to this! The truth will set us free!
Learn how humanity has been enslaved via the birth certificate and the capturing of our DNA. 

FF to 8:00 mark and make sure to listen to the first hour. Click here


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Learn THE ANSWER how humanity has been enslaved. This is PARAMOUNT for EVERYONE. Click on link:
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What does the term "subscribed oath" mean? It means your freedom from the court system. Everyone should be aware of this! Click here

4-17 More good stuff from Gregg Braden. Click here

4-14 Fulford: Cabal cornered, petrodollar on last leg.
Read this

4-14 Montague Keen with an encouraging and inspirational message. Keep working on Rome and the Vatican! Read this

4-14 An excellent "behind the scenes" update from Neil Keenan. Read this

4-14 Another sign the tide is turning? US Justice Dept. recommends Albuquerque cleans up its police force.
Read this

4-14 Santos Bonacci on the difference between birth (death) certificates vs. certificates of live birth. Also, learn about promisary notes. Click here

4-12 Freeman interviews Mark Passio about Satanism. Absolutely vital to understanding how Satanists and Luciferians affect this world. Click here

4-+12 More evidence BRICS is bringing down the cabal.Russia and China to end US dollar and introduce new currency. Read this

4-8 Fulford's weekly report. Cabalists are cracking! Read this

David Wilcock's anticipated article detailing the defeat of the cabal. Read this

4-6 MOI likes the content of this message from Hilarion. Call on Angels and get involved! Read this

4-1 Benjamin Fulford's weekly report. Admitted by high level sources: Jesus is a fictitcious character. Read this
Mentioned in article. Earthquake in Yellowstone. Read this
Related? 8.2 Earthquake in Chile. Read this

3-31 Icke: The Schism People. FUNDAMENTAL TO
UNDERSTAND THIS. You may wish to skip over the music and photos BUT watch the Icke content! Watch this

3-25 Rousing great news from Ben Fulford. Read this

3-23 David Icke- The X Factor. Yep! 4 minute video. Watch this

3-23 Russia and China partner to bring down cabal. Read this

3-21 Seems like Putin is a good guy... standing up to the cabal. Many countries now standing up against these global criminals! Read this

3-18 Ben Fulford weekly report with more great news!
Read this

3-18 Fire sale on US Treasury bonds may be a strong indication the breakthrough is actually upon us. Read this

3-18 IMPORTANT! Help needed with Vatican ley lines. Montague Keen explains. Read this

3-12 A well done short video by Geoff Byrd about harmful EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) devices (cell phones &  towers, smart (dumb!) meters, etc.) and solutions to minimize the effects. Watch this

3-11 Another phony psy op? The Malaysian plane disappearance distraction. Read this

3-10 David Icke Dot Connector Series. Fundamental info! Episode #8. Watch this

3-6 Must watch. Whistleblower Karen Hudes, past Senior Council for 21 years for the World Bank, names names and tells it like it is. The global crime syndicate is going down, soon. Watch this
Read about the Green-Hilton Agreement. Read this

3-4 This will uplift you, make you smile, and give you hope. Watch this

2-27 WE HAVE THE POWER and the Cabal is on the run!
Here's another sign. Click here

2-26 What is IGNORance (FF to 42:00 mark)? What is TRUTH? (58:00 mark) What is NATURAL LAW? (1:34:00)
Mark Passio knocks it out of the park AGAIN. Get to know his exceptional work. Watch this
His site: What on Earth is Link here

2-23 Planets, ETs and Reptilians. Watch and learn. Freeman interviews Swerdlow (2007). Watch this

2-21 EXPOSED! Wall Street's secret society- the 1%. Article names people the public has no clue about. Read this

2-21 Man with perfect credentials investigates and concludes that Sandy Hook was a staged event and no one died- a major cover-up. Watch this

2-17 Montague Keen's weekly message." Pray that only the truth will resonate with you and that all the propaganda will become blatantly obvious to all."
Read this

2-17 The bitter TRUTH about SUGAR. Read this

2-13 Current state of affairs Alex Jones and David Icke converse. Watch this

2-12 More positive news!!! From Ben Fulford:
Read this
From Sheldon Nidle: Read this
Bilderberg plans exposed via Daniel Estulin: Read this

-12 Introducing... Freeman! This guy has been around awhile but MOI just discovered him. Another highly intelligent source of info. This confirms that the world has been controlled by Luciferians. Great insight into Free Masons. Highly recommended 2009 video. Watch this
Recent Freeman on Red Ice Radio. Click here

2-12 Icke: The Moon Matrix. Watch this
They Live! Watch this

2-9 Montague Keen with a positive yet matter of fact message. Read this
2-4 More weather manipulation. Fake, tainted snow? You bet! Conduct your own test. Watch this
Watch this

1-31-14 GREAT! Learn about the science and technology that exists this very moment to solve many problems of the world. Thunder White Cloud speaks.
Watch this

12-15 Santos has a new radio show Friday nights on Revolution Radio. Listen to his debut show!! Click here

12-1 The Secret Covenant. Read this

11-17 The honorable Jordan Maxwell: Vatican Secrets. Awesome! Fundamental info for all! Watch this
11-11 FUNDAMENTAL material. Learn about the BIRTH Certificate from Jordan Maxwell. Watch this
Admiralty Law : Word controlled humans & the law of money. Watch this

10-3 Short video explains how humanity is manipulated by FEAR which affects this reality and how astrology is a valid science. Watch this

9-18 Stay positive! Scientists prove thoughts affect reality on a personal and global level. Read this

9-17 Activate your PINEAL GLAND. Read this

9-16 What life is ALL ABOUT. The Law of ONE. Read this

9-11 Basics Review: A fundamental lesson. The Mystery of the Federal Reserve. A five minute video. Watch this

9-8 World's leading expert, Dr. Barrie Trower exposes microwave weaponry, micro chips, biological weapons, and cell phones and how the population is  being mind controlled and manipulated with illnesses. WATCH THIS

8-30 Confirmed by quantum physics: Universe is comprised of energy and information. Read this

8-30 Wrecking the Earth. Gas fracking has grave radiation risks. Read this Fracking causes fish die off. Read this

- Gas fracking explained in just 5 minutes. Watch this


Santos' website: Click here

NOTE: There may be a more effective method to freeing ourselves. MOI is in the midst of reclaiming true freedom based on information provided by Kurt during this radio show. FF to 8:00 mark. Listen to the 1st hour. Click here

MOI will present an update once the outcome of the attempt is determined.

MORE GOOD STUFF: Other very helpful information. Watch this series of videos that explains the truth about the court system.. Click here

Also visit this website: Click here


The Tao of Kung Fu:
Watch this   Watch this   Watch this   Watch this
Watch this   Watch this   Watch this
Watch this   Watch this   Watch this   Watch this
What is greater than good? Watch this

" Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels." Nikola Tesla (Famous Inventor & Scientist. 1856-1943)

" The only thing that we can be certain of about life is that it's full of uncertainty." Messenger of Information

- If you want to make someone angry, tell him a lie; if you want to make him furious, tell him the truth.

- Q: If the masses have been/are unaware of all the evil manipulation we've been subjected to for so long, is it not possible that positive progress is actually being made behind the scenes that WILL change this world?
When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." Jimi Hendrix
- " Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance." Albert Einstein
- The truth does not change just because you don't want to hear it.
- When I die, I'll be the happiest man alive. - MOI

- Maybe this world IS Hell OR maybe it's a reflection of what humanity has been MANIPULATED to be
- Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, yet alone believed, by the masses. - Plato

- Be open to everything and attached to nothing.

- "There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to accept what is true." 

- "Those who know the least obey the best."

- What you put out, you get back.
- "Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth." Ghandi 
- " The greatness of a society and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals." - Ghandi

- " If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." - George Orwell 
- One should always explore the events on Earth from both the spiritual and concrete point of view.
- At every turn, regardless of the situation or consequences, do what you KNOW to be the right thing.
You are free to believe what you choose, and what you do attests to what you believe.

- " Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding about ourselves."    Carl Jung
- Do not believe what governments tell you. Look at their DEEDS: by their DEEDS you shall know them.
- ALL LIFE EVERYWHERE IS ONE. Respect all living things.
- Where attention goes, energy flows.
- Be IN this world, not OF this world.
- Take nothing for granted. Question everything, all the time.
- Be aware of misbehavior without condoning it or judging it. 
- Negative emotions feed the very things that upset you.
- When in doubt, meditate.
- Everything in moderation is a wise philosophy of life.
- Go with the flow of life and try not to resist it.
- Offer gratitude often. Smile, and laugh often!
- Calm the mind. Look inward (at yourself). Meditate daily.
- Observe world events, without judgement, fear or anger.
- Change our thoughts and change our world.
- Uplift someone every day.
- Often, truth is what one chooses to believe.
- There is nothing to fear but fear itself. 
- Is it time to stop trying to figure things out?
- Be FEARLESS in every aspect of your life.
- Rest in peace Mercury. Thank you and I love you always. 1-5-13